7 Books for Aspiring Web Designers

Different designers have different approaches, some work with engineers, while other prefers to use Photoshop for their designs. No matter what is your approach, but it is really true that you will find these books useful or your profession. They will give you better understanding and you will be able to realize the real life problems. These books provide basic information and help you to learn basic concepts. They don’t teach you tricks about Photoshop and they don’t emphasis on visual designs. Rather they make sure that you understand real world problems.

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After reading these books for aspiring web designers you can create a website, design a new application and much more.

1- The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman ($11.53)

It is considered as an excellent book if you want to create designs for people. If you are facing problem like wrong door opening, this book can provide you right solution. It helps you in the improvement of designs.

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2- Universal Principles of Design by William Lidwell ($42)

This book is really simple to understand and provide comprehensive solution of your problems. It is helpful for almost all areas of designing and creating. It is a comprehensive approach which includes not just the Hick’s law but all the other principle of designing. You can see a different principle on every page. You can also find some good practical examples as well.

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3- The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst ($17.47)

This book is about the typography science. If you are looking around for a typography book, it should be your first choice. The author of this book is known for his love for language and letters. It has some detailed notes on shaping the page, harmony, rhythm and proportion and much more. The layouts are presented in the form of musical scale. It will teach you something different, whenever you will consult it.

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4- Grid Systems by Josef Muller – Brockmann ($65.79)

This book uses structure and form as a tool for solving your problems. It is not just a grid book, rather it offers practical solutions. Muller is considered as one of those who laid the foundation of grid design. It talks about not just grid system but it also deals with units, margins, measuring systems, construction of area and other different grid combinations.

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5- As Little Design As Possible by Sophie Lovell ($59.85)

Unlike other books, which we have mentioned above, it is about the good designs and related principles. It has sketches and other prototypes, which are not really recent. They are some awesome photos, which are about the background of designs. It includes stories about the Rams and his team mates. Foreword of the book has been written by the Ive and it has ten principles, which are applicable for all good designs. It is interesting to get all these principles at one place. It is really an inspiration for new designers. You must read it as it’s really good.

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6- Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS by Ian Lloyd ($29.95)

After reading this book you will be able to add style to your web pages by adding text and control panel created by CSS. You will also be able to insert images and optimize them, create borders and add effects and to include web forms for better interactivity. This book is considered essential for beginners interested to learn basics of web designing.

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7- Web Standards Solutions Jeffery Zeldman (₤18.70)

If you want to learn about standard based web design then you must give it a detailed look. In this book you will learn the basics of CSS and XHTML and the ways you can apply these techniques in real world of web designing. It’s true that HTML5 is here today with lots of exciting features for web designers but this book still seems relevant and significant if we talk about essential books and resources for aspiring web designers.

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