7 Easy Craft Activities for Children

Nurture your child’s imagination by having craft activities readily available in the home. Children love to draw, paint and make things, so it is important to encourage this during their growing years. You will see how quickly they progress. Simple activities will soon become more involved as children become adept at handling various craft implements.

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Easy Craft Activities for Children

A Memory Box

Cover a shoe box or small lidded container with paper and adorn with stickers and embellishments. Write the child’s name and year on the box and let them add samples of their artwork. Let them fill it with items that are particular to this time in their life, such as newspaper clippings, a coin, trinkets and small items they have collected.

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Alphabet Books

Cut enough cardboard squares to make a book. Secure in three places down the side with cable ties leaving room for turning the pages. Write your child’s name on the front. On each page write one letter of the alphabet and let your child source magazines for pictures beginning with that letter & then glue into place.

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A Rainstick

Traditionally, rainsticks are ceremonial musical instruments used by ancient tribes to invoke rain. Use a cardboard tube and seal one end with a circle of cardboard taped over it. Cut a length of aluminium foil one and a half times longer than the tube and twist into a long thin spiral shape. Place foil into the tube along with dried beans or dry rice. Seal the end of the tube and cover with paper and decorate.

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Flower Cards

Paint splashes of different colours on paper, allow to dry and then cut into four circles in varying staggered sizes. Take a piece of cardboard and fold in half in a size suitable for a card. Place the circles in order & secure the centre with a gold clasp on the front of the card. Draw a stem and leaves and you have a card that can be used on any occasion.

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Cardboard Puppets

Cut out shapes such as fish or any animal faces and secure to a drinking straw. Decorate the faces with pipe cleaner or straw whiskers and draw facial features on them.

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Handprint Christmas Decorations

Trace children’s handprints on green cardboard. You will need a lot for this activity. Place handprint cut outs upside down to form the shape of a Christmas tree. This can be done on a cardboard background or freestanding. Add a brown cardboard stem, a silver or gold star and small coloured cardboard circles as decorative baubles. The same concept can be used to make a Christmas wreath. Arrange hand cut outs in a circle with hands facing outwards. Secure in place and finish off with a red bow at the base.

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Make Your Own T-shirt

Older children can browse through photos and order a personalised t-shirt online. Children of all ages can draw a picture on a plain coloured t-shirt with waterproof markers.

Craft activities are a form of entertainment as well as a form of development. You can incorporate craft into holidays or after school. Just make sure you keep a craft trolley or box filled with all types of interesting items.

Tara Blair is a busy business professional in Brisbane, Australia. She is also a mother of 3 children which keep her busy in her personal time. Tara likes to keep active with her kids buy entertaining them and teaching them handy and interesting arts and crafts to help keep them amused. She also actively encourages people to make your own t-shirt to help express your unique personality.