7+ Easy Tips to Decorate Apartments

Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to put up with living in a small space. Creating a big space out of your tiny apartment is all about smart choice in interior décor. Most of the time, your apartment home décor is limited by landlord rules that don’t let you paint or install hinges. These tips are sure to give you an edge over creating a stylish and spacious apartment the easiest possible way.

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Mix Patterns

You sure did not get a chance at selecting your furniture that came with your apartment. But you have ample chance to customize it to suit you. Furniture upholstery and accessories like cushions & throws are an easy way to bring about a dramatic change. Consider mixing patterns of different types to add colour and interest to your space. If no two patterns are similar, the setting gets a distinctive look for sure.

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Brighten Up With Rugs

A rug opens up your space and gives your room a distinct characteristic. Nothing best complements an apartment space better than hand-woven Oushak rugs. If you are looking for the best collection of Oushak rugs for sale, this online source is one of the best choices you can ever make; to make sure you land with a genuine hand-woven rug. A spacious area rug can accentuate your space while adding warmth, to make it more welcoming.

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Lights To The Rescue

It is rightly said when decorators mention lights can make or break a room. Choose lighting fixtures that suit your taste and lifestyle. A combination of removable lighting fixtures like sconces, pendant lights and chandeliers sure are an ideal addition to decorate your space the most convenient way.

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Mirrors Make A Difference

Mirrors are one of the most convenient means to decorate your space. While serving as a focal point, mirrors add on to your space; since mirrors reflect light, they create an illusion of spaciousness. With a wide variety of decorative mirrors like the sunburst mirrors, sure are an enticing addition to give your room a classy look.

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Surprising Wallpaper

Removable wallpapers are a convenient option if you are looking at decorating a rented space. Create an accent wall by decorating it with surprising wallpaper that is sure to elevate the spirit in your space. If you already have a focal point in your living room, consider adding wallpaper to an unexpected area like your reading nook, bathroom and hallway to enhance the looks of your home.

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Minute Details

Seize the opportunity to customize by changing minute details like the cabinet handles to suit your taste. Get hold of some funky tile tattoos to break the dullness of one colour in the bathroom and kitchen. These small details are sure to give a complete makeover to your space.

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Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are the most convenient option to decorate your space, big or small. With a space constraint attached to an apartment, you might want to consider hanging plants that can adorn your balcony and window. It is not unknown that plants cleanse indoor atmosphere; plants are also a definite way to flaunt your green thumb!

Billowing Curtains

Living in a high-rise apartment sure is an advantage since you receive ample amount of breeze; why not exploit this blustery chance to the max? Sheer filmy drapes sure add on to the excitement a gust brings into your home. Transparent drapes also let in a flood of natural light into your space.