7 Fascinating Design Areas to Unify Your Home

People usually pay extraordinary attention to make their rooms look stunning, unique and something form the other world, and rightly so. However, a house that has nothing in common to tie space together will look haphazard and will be uncomfortable for the dwellers sometimes. In this regard, you only need to make some small key choices about the finishing and materials and applying them throughout the space in your home to bring a sense of uniformity to your house.

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Bringing Unity to Your Home

Following are some of the tips that can bring unity to your “divided” home.

Hard Floors

If you are remodeling your floor or choosing one for a new home, it is a great idea early in the designing process is to uniform the space throughout. You can also use different floor materials to bring continuity in the house as long as they are perfectly compatible with each other. For instance, you can use tile floors or stones in mudrooms and entryways and wood floors everywhere else.

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Trim Color

Painting trims, window tops and frames, doors and everything above in same color is a sensational way to produce unity in the house. Furthermore, using black colors to paint inside of the windows will impart a completely finished look to any room and if you take the trend across your home, it will add a sense of rhythm as well.

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For unifying your space, you might like to keep the lighting constant throughout your home despite of the fact that statement pendants and multicolored lampshades are real fun and deserve to find a place in your space. In this regard, you can use wall mounted swing arm lights in the bedroom, flanking a book case, over a seating area in the living room or illuminating a photo on canvas in style.

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When thinking about hardware to unify your house, things as small as drawer knobs and switch plate are worth your attention. Moreover, instead of choosing hardware randomly for different parts of your house, make one conscience choice from very beginning and stick with it.

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Treatment of Windows

Choosing a single window style for your home is the simplest method to connect different rooms together. Talking about uniform window treatment, Roman shades make a classic choice as they work perfectly well with all designs, styles and can by layered with curtains if you want to add a bit of drama as well. Other great ideas for windows treatment include bamboo blinds and plantation shutters.

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A Signature Hue

The color of wall paint is perhaps the most effective and interesting unifier. Therefore, you need to give entire space a sense of cohesion by painting walls in the analogous colors or the shades of the same hue. This will make your eyes travel through the room and subtle color variations will lead the eyes pleasantly to the next room. Similarly, it is also a great idea to hang canvas prints the color of which perfectly complements the wall paint color.

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Natural fiber rugs are a unique choice to induce uniformity in the house. You can use sisal or coir rugs to cover living rooms, halls, bedrooms and staircases. On the other hand natural color carpeting is a classic choice but espresso or black will bring quite bit of sophistication with them.

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Above mentioned tips will help you to bring consistency throughout your home making it a visual delight and more comfortable for you.