7 Fun and Imaginative Kids Room Ideas

Kid’s rooms have the potential to be anything; their imaginations can run wild and turn even the most mundane of spaces into something stimulating and amazing. It is possible to create a truly magical space for your child; a space which will ensure they have endless hours of fun and imaginative play.

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All Eyes On the Bed

A bed does not need to be simply a bed! It can be a tent, camper or caravan. In fact, a kid’s bed can be any design you are able to find, make or have made. A tree house bunk bed will definitely have your children fighting over the top bunk. Alternatively you could choose a pirate ship, racing car or even a princess carriage!

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Slides to Make Sleeping More Fun

It is not always possible to build a slide into the side of a bed or even into the side of a house. However, it is now possible to buy a kit which unfolds and turns and set of stairs into a slide! Made of a foam mat and safety bumpers it is guaranteed to keep your child happy; even on those wet days! Of course, if space permits, adding a small slide to your child’s bed will ensure they are always eager to get up in the morning.

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It is possible, if designing your own home, to build a slide into your house. The slide can ride down from the top to the bottom, circling the house and stopping at each of the floors. Just don’t forget to leave a walkway space on each floor; this is where the stairs will come up and you can jump on the slide. This design might not just be for the kids!


Lego Furniture

It is possible to purchase, through Lego, furniture which appears to be made from giant Lego bricks. This is an excellent way to add some fun, color and practicality into any bedroom! A variant of this is the giant Lego blocks which can now be purchased. These can be used as storage containers, stacked together to make a seat or table, or simply used as a decorative measure. Fun and practical!

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Another alternative to consider is mounting Lego boards onto a wall in the bedroom. The boards can be mounted directly onto the walls using screws, clips, glue or batons; whichever approach works best for your design. It is then possible for your children to literally build on the walls! This encourages a new approach to design and building whilst potentially reducing the need to store all the Lego creations!

Jungle-Inspired Rooms For Kids

For those feeling a little more adventurous it is possible to build an actual tree house into the wall of the bedroom. Add to this a swing and ropes hanging from the joists (for strength) and you have a jungle inside your home. Images on the wall of trees and wildlife will add to the effect.

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Cardboard Furniture

It is now possible to purchase a fort or even a princess castle in flat pack form! The walls of these buildings are made from cardboard storage boxes and interlock when stacking. The roof can also double as a ramp or a drawbridge.

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Funky Furniture

Instead of the standard box shaped set of drawers, look for handmade metal furniture which is curved or oddly shaped to create more of a fun, funky feel. It is even possible to find units with sock shaped or trouser shaped drawers; perfect fort encouraging your children to put their clothes away.

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Children love to climb so why not add a ladder to their room; it doesn’t need to go anywhere! There are hundreds of colorful designs to choose from and your child will have hours of fun. Keep things cool and funky by selecting ladders made of wood or metal. Make sure it matches with the overall décor of the room.

A child’s room has to be more than just a place to sleep. Toddlers love to play, especially before bedtime. An ingeniously decorated room will get them to fall asleep a lot faster. That being said, you might want to consider transforming their places into imaginative rooms; this will also awake their imagination and make them more creative.