7 Ideas to Reorganize Home Office

If you are feeling a bit tired with your home office area, why not reorganize some of your furnishings to give your workspace a different feel and look. You can even make more space by carefully repositioning some of your existing furniture within your working area.

5+ Ideas to Reorganize Home Office

You could, of course, also invest into a full office fit out to give you that extra sense of space and organisation. Whichever you choose, a better organised home working area will ultimately lead to greater efficiency, more creativity and a higher level of productivity.

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There are many ways and ideas to reorganize home office to give you that much needed floor area without having to sacrifice storage space, desk space or ultimately your own comfort.

1. Go Vertical

If you feel that you are just running out of space in your home office, why not install some floor to ceiling shelving units. These can be bought from most furniture suppliers and are very easy to set up. Most come in flat packs and can be quickly and easily assembled within only a few hours. You may need to also drill a few holes into your wall to help secure them.

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2.  Get Your Cables under Control

Organising your electrical cables can really help to give you a sense of order in your home office. A tangle of leads behind your desk area can be most distracting and at times even quite frustrating. So, try to route your cables together using either plastic pull ties or even strips of Velcro. This can be done in a very short amount of time and will be well worth your effort.

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3. De-Clutter Your Desk Top

A well-organized desk can help you to concentrate and boost your productivity. So, remove everything that is not continually used from your line of sight. This means paperwork, books or even your gadgets that have a way of finding their way onto your work surface. You will find that if you only have your computer in front of you instead of your computer and an array of miscellaneous items, you will be able to focus more clearly on the task at hand.

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4. A Wireless Desk

A wireless keyboard and mouse can help to keep your desk organised and distraction free. There really is nothing quite so irritating as a mouse or keyboard cable tugging when it snags on something, breaking your line of thought and causing a concentration lapse. You can get good wireless devices from any computer shop, giving you instant freedom from desktop cables.

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5. Your Office Lighting

When you are reorganising your home office be sure to pay attention to your lighting. Good lighting for night work can be merely just a standard task light as long as it gives you adequate illumination over your laptop or keyboard. Overhead lighting is also important and needs to be bright enough to light the office without too much glare. Many people opt for combination office lighting where only the areas of the room they use are actually illuminated.

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6. The Importance of Computer Positioning

To avoid monitor glare be sure that you place your computer in a place where there is no window or lighting behind it. If for some reason this cannot be avoided some heavy curtains or dark blinds can help to keep the reflection down on your monitor.  Some people also find that a computer placed directly in front of a window can be distracting as your eye often picks up movement from outside.

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7. Creating a Console

You can very easily create a space saving office console by merely joining two desks together. These fit particularly well as corner units and can save you quite a bit of precious floor space. You will also benefit greatly by having an office chair with rollers, which will allow you to quickly move from one side of the console to the other.

Taking the time to carefully organise your home office will certainly be worth the effort and you will immediately notice the difference. All you need to remember once you have everything organised and in its right place is to tidy up at the end of each working day.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Saracen Interiors, a specialist in office fit out services in the UK. They cover partitioning, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture, decoration, and more in their solutions.