7 Internal Search Plugins for WordPress Blog

Man evolved from an Ape and as God himself came up with various tweaks and then finally delivered a masterpiece, why wouldn’t software come up with versions. WordPress is unarguably one of the best CMS , but that doesn’t implies that it is immaculate. One of the functionalities which I believe every person working on WordPress missed was a powerful search engine. The search results weren’t sorted by their relevance, it is not competent to find uploaded files, and it’s search algorithm also cannot find similar content.

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best internal search plugins for wordpress

Though the default search engine of WordPress is based on keywords and comes with a chronological order, but this do not works if you have a blogging site with articles deposited from a very long time.

This is somewhere a pitfall for a content management system.

1) Relevanssi

Creation of Mikko Saari, this plugin has received 4.7 star rating and has around 80,000 active users in it’s kitty.

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Question : Why should I opt for Relevanssi?

Answer : As it’s name suggest the plugin provides most relevant searches and along with this it has numerous features such as :

  • Comes with OR and AND searches
  • It also comes with intellisense / autocomplete suggestions.
  • Comes with an option to mark out certain pages, posts, categories and tags from search results
  • It comes with fuzzy matching which delivers results with partial match of words , for instance, if one searches for “research” , it will automatically include results for “researching”.
  • It comes with a feature to store queries, which is a useful information for analytics.

This plugin also comes in a free version which is known as fantastic. Moreover, one can go for its premium version for $39.95 in one time payment which comes with some advanced features.

2) SearchWP

With its easy to install and use features, SearchWP allows the users a streamline searching of content using the keywords available in the title of your post, taxonomies, slug, comments, excerpts and categories.

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Question : Why to opt for SearchWP?

Answer: Following are the reasons which makes SearchWP a plugin of your choice:

  • Fuzzy matching
  • Controlling the keywords – In this one has the ability to specify weight of   fields such as titles, specific fields, content of the post in the search algorithm.
  • PDF indexing
  • An option to disable search on any post type, any category or any tag
  • Statistics and analytics of the website

3) Swiftype Search

Swiftype Search is another brilliant plugin that works on a server of its own. Wherefore, it doesn’t affects the speed of your website. This is one of the most incredible feature of this plugin.

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Question: Why I should opt for Swiftype Search?

Answer: Following are the reasons which makes Swiftype Search a plugin of your choice:

  • Fuzzy matching searching
  • IntelliSense/Autocomplete suggestions for search queries
  • Offers an exciting drag-and-drop interface that allows the users to arrange the results as per their preference
  • Faceted search: Filter the results in Chronological order, author, content type, location and many other categories.
  • Search analytics

4) Yolink

Yolink is another promising WordPress search plugin which provides quite relevant results. Along with this it also offers some decent new features which can be very useful for your website.

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Question: Why I should opt for yolink?

Answer: Following are the reasons which makes yolink a plugin of your choice:

  • Highlights the search terms on the results
  • Provides you with an option to restrict content from the search results
  • Offers supports to multiple website

Despite of providing some refreshing features, this plugin comes with a drawback. This plugin do not provides any analytics and this is one is a major flaw.

I guess this drawback will definitely make users repel from this plugin, as analytics is something which is imperative for every website. Though there might be people who might no agree with this. For them Yolink might be a viable option.

5) Google Custom Search

Who is not aware of the king of the king, Google the search king. There is no gainsaying that Google is ruling the internet world and who wouldn’t like to use it for their own benefit. If you also feel the same, you can go for this one. Although it is not actually a plugin, but it can prove to be a viable option.

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google custom search

Question: Why I should opt for Google Custom Search?

Answer: Following are the reasons which makes Google Custom Search a plugin of your choice:

  • Search terms are highlighted in the search results
  • Offers intellisense/ autocomplete features for search keywords queries
  • Offers direct link to Google Analytics to get the statistics of your site
  • Offers customization of the look of the search bar and your result page as per your desired look which matches your website.
  • Highly efficient results as they are backed by the stalwart itself.

6) Search Everything

As it’s name indicates, ‘Search Everything’ provides a comprehensive search functionality. Without much ado let’s see what it has to offer.

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search everything plugin

Question: Why I should opt for Search Everything?

Answer: Following are the reasons which makes Search Everything a plugin of your choice:

  • It provides a comprehensive search
  • Along with searching webpages and post, this plugin also provides you the attachments, tags, comments, custom fields and taxonomies .
  • It also offers the flexibility to use and not to use these search settings, which helps you to save your protected content from malicious users.
  • It comes with a special feature of “search everything ” , making it easy to search previously written posts.

7) Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Last but not the least we have on list is Dave’s WordPress Live Search. This plugin is famous for its comprehensive nature and customizability.

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dave wordpress live search plugin

Question: Why I should opt for Dave’s WordPress Live Search?

Answer: Following are the reasons which makes Dave’s WordPress Live Search a class apart plugin:

  • Offers live search functionality- this plugin gives instantaneous results to the customers as soon as they type in the item in the field. It directs the users to the articles as it gets the related article.
  • Offers high end customization
  • Refined results- the users get more refined with every new word user types in the search field
  • Double power- the plugin is integrated with Relevanssi, which has made it an ultimate tool for searching.

Final thoughts!

For this highly tech-savvy and advanced internet generation, providing a poor search facility might be a negative point for your website. If the content is not readily available to the users they might start to have an aversion for your website. So, here your site has a direct competition with Google at a micro level, but it has. Moreover, those websites which fail to provide a fast search are marked obsolete.

This is no longer an arduous task for you, as there are numerous plugins available in the market which can help you to incorporate a mini search engine of your own. So, what are you waiting for , go get the power of search for your WordPress website.

Feel free to share your comments and suggestions.

With an authentic experience in the area of web development Samuel Dawson is an awesome developer of WordPress custom websites. He is able to convert html to wordpress in most effective manner. Samuel has shared above his views on WordPress internal search plugins.