7 Makeover Ideas for Your Old Furnishings

There is now a new buzzword for recycling or renovating old pieces of furniture. This new word is called ‘Upcycling’ and it means taking furnishings that you were about to discard, and turning them into something more stylish and more colourful.

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This trend seems to have taken a firm hold as many designers as well as home improvement enthusiasts strive to transform old bland furniture into something more modern and vibrant.

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One of the best times to start with a few upcycling projects is after moving house. So, as soon as your interstate removals service has finished unloading, you can be ready to transform some old furnishings into something new and exciting.

There are many easy ways to revamp old furniture, which will most definitely help to brighten up any room in the home.

1. Bedroom Dressers

Old bedroom dressers do have the tendency to start looking a bit old and tired. However, with a little time and patience you can turn your old bedroom dresser into something colourful and stylish. All this involves is rubbing down the original finish and painting it with some high quality furniture paint. You can use colours to match your décor and even add hand printed designs.

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2. Dining Chairs

If you feel like a completely new look to your dining area, why not spray your dining furniture black! All you need to do is just remove the seats, rubdown the original finish and then apply a black water-based acrylic latex paint. This will give any dining set a new lease of life and can be easily done over a long weekend.

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3. Armchairs

Old armchairs can sometimes get that very dull and dated look due to their faded coverings. So, to brighten up an armchair all you need to do is get an entire new covering fitted. You can do this by just taking it to your local upholsterer, where the covering of your choice can be fitted. This is a very cost effective way of having a new fresh looking armchair.

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4. Transform Sideboards

A plain nondescript sideboard can be easily transformed into an elegant oriental cabinet. All this requires is an overall rubdown and then a coat of high quality matt black furniture paint. Onto this black finish you can use stencils to spray gold oriental patterns. The interior, of course, has to be painted a dramatic red to give it that contrast that is so common with oriental furnishings.

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5. Metal Lawn Chairs

If you have some old metal lawn chairs from the 50s lying around in your back yard, you could easily turn them into something really special. These retro looking chairs are now firmly in vogue and are being used as indoor kitchen chairs by some of the most chic designers. If you have a set, all you need to do is take them to a sandblasting service and they will be quickly ready for just a quick re-spray.

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6. Bold Coffee Tables

An old coffee table can be easily turned into a bright centrepiece of your living room. All this requires is some elbow grease for sanding off the surfaces and some very bold colours. An old style coffee table that has been painted a vibrant electric blue or any other bold color certainly will stand out in the living room of any new home. You can also paint sofa end tables for the same stunning results.

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7. Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper can be used to add character and colour to some of your old pieces of furniture. All that you need to do is use a good latex adhesive and stick the carefully cut wallpaper to the surfaces. This may sound like a bit of an odd way to makeover your furniture but it is in fact, becoming very popular. Generally it is used for bathroom furniture for its water resistant qualities.

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So, whether you have just moved into a new home and feel like starting afresh, or you just feel like brightening up your existing home with some vibrantly coloured furniture, upcycle and be creative. There are many books available with some great ideas for transforming your old furniture into some real centrepiece attractions for any of your home’s rooms.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Quick and Easy Removals, an Australia-based business specialising in local and interstate removals. Their services cover the removal, packing, and delivery of furniture and other items.