7 Splendid HTML5 Animation Tools For Designers’ Inspiration

Indubitably, animation is an interesting form of visual content that often interests viewers. Thus, by adding an appropriate animation in your web solution, you can attract potential viewers while enhancing the entire look and feel of your web presence. For the folks who are interested in developing animations, they can reap the benefits of HTML5 technology and deliver a remarkable web solution.

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The evolution of HTML5 has amazingly enhanced the web by allowing designers and developers to proficiently design and develop web content. This web technology is lauded across the globe for its utile offerings that have helped it garner a great popularity. While all the latest browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc., are supported by the advanced web technology, it has also introduced a great convenience to its users.

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5+ HTML5 Animation Tools For Designers

Designers can efficiently create innovative and stunning animations with the help of HTML5. Fortunately, there are several tools available out there that aid professionals to deliver innovative and aesthetically designed animations. If you are also seeking a resourceful tool for the same, here are a few consummate HTML5 animation tools to help you.


Animatron is a cutting edge HTML5 animation tool through which you can efficiently design and publish intuitive and animated content. Most importantly, the content designed with this tool can effectively run on any device, including mobile devices and desktop. Therefore, it allows one to easily target a wider audience base, and keep them engaged with an enticing animation. Moreover, the capability of this tool to easily import artwork, collaborate with other users, design custom shapes, etc., further add to its versatility and credibility.

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Purple Animator

This is yet another creative tool that helps deliver successful solutions without letting you compromise on your productivity. It is specifically designed to create visually appealing storytelling design. You can conveniently create ravishing 2D Bitmap animations via its timeline editor. This superlative tool supports multiple transitions and scenes between them, and due to its easy-to-use interface, you can conveniently define screens where a user will jump upon a click of buttons. Its personal representation and data model help support various output formats with ease. There is another version of this tool that offers StoryTelling XML format.

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Specifically designed for HTML5, this proficient tool is a great choice for creating realtime graphics, animations and videos for advanced web. The most amazing feature of this tool is that it allows one to develop animations with a flair without having a prior coding experience. It is an extremely powerful tool that offers blissful functions that augment designing. You can use its resourceful features and design vector graphics with ease. Moreover, it also enables one to effortlessly design web videos, seamless and smooth animation, and integrate enticing video effects.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Edge Animator CC

Whether you want to design animations for advertising, digital publishing, web or any other source, you can efficiently design highly interactive HTML animations with this prolific HTML5 animation tool. As, you can effectively reach mobile devices as well as desktops irrespective of the device used by using this software, therefore, you can target your potential audience with a flair.

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TweenJS is simply a robust JavaScript library that enables tweening and animating JavaScript and HTML5 properties. You can implement this tool either as a standalone tool or you can also collaborate it with EaselJS (which is another HTML5 tool offered by CreateJS). With this tool, you can tween CSS style properties as well as numeric object properties. It possesses a simple yet powerful API that facilitates designers to easily create complicating tweens by running chaining commands.

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While Mixeek allows designers to develop highly interactive web animations, it also facilitates the development of intuitive web applications. This blissful software is entirely developed in CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. The tool is a brilliant alternative to expensive animation softwares. It is a lightweight and an easy-to-use tool that is available for free and delivers remarkable solutions.

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Hippo Studios

Create interactive and captivating HTML5 animations, apps and games with this powerful tool and proficiently target a gigantic audience base. You can flawlessly develop the requisite content to rivet your viewers and keep them engaged by creating ravishing web content. From beginners to experts, this feature-rich tool is a great choice for everyone. The included video tutorials and resourceful guides make it easy for anyone to get started.

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Moreover, it also allows users to customize the interface, either with a dark color or a light color as per their preferences and smoothly work with the tool. This animator is available for the 30 day trial period so it is advisable to analyze the product before investing in it. Its starter edition is available for free; however, for professional edition, you have to pay some amount.

Final Thought

The aforementioned HTML5 animation tools deliver incredible performance with intuitive and highly interactive web content. You can design the requisite animation with a flair to entice your visitors and keep them engaged. Since, videos and animations offer a great way to convert viewers into customers, it can certainly help you boost your business values and revenue.

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