7 Tips for Doing Something Meaningful on Social Media without Spending Hours

Social media is on the rise these days and besides chatting and photo sharing, websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have become major platforms for brand marketing.  Some large online retailers even hire a SEO company India to manage their social media marketing activities on their behalf.

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However, if you own a small business and handle the social media marketing campaigns personally, time management can be a big issue for you. Some people say that sites like Facebook and Twitter eat a lot of time but in return, you get little response from the target audience. This is a valid accusation against Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but ultimately, it’s the person who handles the social media activities is more responsible than these sites. You need to use these platforms to reach potential customers and do your tasks (research, promotion, feedback generation etc.) without being an addict.

Social-Media Tips

Here are some time management tips for you with respect to social media. Read them to know how you can perform all the online branding and promotion tasks on Facebook/Twitter and Google+ without wasting a moment.

Know What You Need to Do

You don’t always need to do the same thing everyday. Decide what your primary goals are and then do different things on different days of the week. For example, on Monday, you can research on your competitors by visiting their fan pages and Twitter/Google+ profiles. Once you know their strategy for the week, you can take the necessary steps to keep users glued to your profile.

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Decide How Much Time You Want to Devote

This is the most crucial thing to do. Since you have other works to do and have not hired a SEO company India for SMM, you must decide how much time you want to spend on these websites everyday. Suppose, you have decided 30 minutes is enough. In that case, divide the 30 minutes according to the importance of the site that brings you the most number of customers. For example, 15 min for Facebook, 10 minutes for Twitter and 5 minutes for Google+.

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Write Posts When You are Free

If you start searching for topics during the short period of time, you may not be able to come up with good posts. Therefore, write the social media content one day in advance, at least the promotional ones. This way, you will have to only copy and paste the content to spread the word early in the morning. Try to maintain a balance between informative posts and marketing content. You can use Google Alerts to know the latest incidents happening in your business niche and share crucial updates as posts or tweets to keep fans/followers happy.

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Use Free Tools for Posting

You may want to share posts with your target audience throughout the day, but it’s not possible to dedicate all your time to social media platforms. Therefore, you can use tools like Tweetdeck or HootSuite to post updates throughout the day. These apps let you schedule the post publication time in advance so that you can concentrate on other work.

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Listen and Then Respond

Don’t just post whatever comes to your mind. As a social media manager, listening to visitors’ feedback is important as well. Check out comments against your post and give your response. Web users often treat fan pages as the virtual customer care portal and expect that the owner will respond to their grievances. Therefore, you should spend some time to hear what fans and followers are talking about your brand.

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Link the Social Media Profiles

Do you know that Facebook and Twitter can be connected so that when you post something on Facebook, it gets published as a tweet on Twitter and vice versa. Therefore, link the profiles to save time. Write once and share across platforms.

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Turn off Notifications

Notifications are helpful, but can be annoying sometimes. Every time someone posts a comment against your updates, you get a mail and think “let’s check out.” Don’t do this because it’s a complete waste of time. You can either switch off the mail notifications or keep them active, but check them only once in a day, preferably at the end of your work hours.

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My last suggestion for you is to “stay focused”. Don’t peek into unnecessary profiles or spend time surfing without any particular goal for a long time. A minute not wasted means a minute saved. Remember this motto and you will be able to successfully promote your business on social media sites without hiring a SEO company India.

Sarmista Aun is a tech enthusiast and a professional blogger. She is an experienced digital marketing specialist.