8 Decorating Trends that Never Get Old

After a hard day’s work when you return back to your habitat, a well decorated home uplifts your mood instantly. The home décor reflects your personality. Also when friends and family visit you, you wouldn’t want to welcome them in a drab, dingy and dirty house, would you? Decorating is an art which not everyone can master. It’s a misconception that in order to have a well decorated home, you would have to hire an interior decorator who would charge you an exorbitant amount of money and by the time you are finished with the decoration of your place, there is a big hole in your pocket. Follow the listed trends below and you don’t need any guide to tell you what to include and what to avoid in your house.

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You can decorate your walls in a number of ways. Hang canvases made by your favorite artists; get those black and white photographs of your family placed there. You can put up colorful wallpapers too or paint a shocking pink in one of the rooms.

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The launch of ceramic subway tiles happened to be in the subterranean train stations of New York. From there decade’s later, ceramic subway tiles have become a favorite of many homeowners. You have plenty to choose from since today’s tiles come in a myriad number of colors and complement just about any kind of décor. From bathrooms and kitchens they have made a giant leap to just about any room in your house.

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If you are someone who is into nature and loves plants and flowers, then having a plant collection in your balcony or living room would be ideal for you.  A little indoor greenery goes a long way in helping one to beautify their house. You could trade the bedside lamp for leafy ferns. This element of nature in your bedroom would give the illusion of a minimalistic enchanted forest and is sure to be a means of escape for your children.

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When was the last time you saw an all white room? Many homeowners shy away from this color because they are afraid it would be too plain and look uninviting to the guests. But the correct shade of white can do wonders to your house and evoke a sense of purity and a touch of sophistication.  You could use different white tones to create beautiful pattern and textures in your rooms. Also remember that all white interior gives you the freedom to change everything within a flash.

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The lighting of a room is crucial as it not only changes the mood but also the perceived size of the space. For a darker room, try to usher in more full spectrum natural light. If you want more natural light, then consider skylights or large windows. Lights have the ability to illuminate the walls if used in the correct direction. Also directional lighting like track light helps in softening the colors of the wall.

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If you are a bibliophile, then you can show off your huge collection of books in the living room showcase or if you are a traveler you can include memorabilia and souvenirs from the places you have visited. Also if you are a lover of antique pieces and want to show them off subtly to your guests, then placing them in the showcase would be the best way for you.

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Sofa is the most noticeable furniture in your living room and it makes the living room lively. You need to synchronize the sofa with certain fundamental elements in the house and if the color of the sofa happens to match other accessories in the house then it’s a cherry on the cake. Keep in mind that although the sofa might take the center stage in your living room, you need to make sure that it enhances the other furniture in the room.

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A neutral jute rug would be ideal for you if your place is prone to stains. The carpet in the living room should be large enough since you and guest would indulge in a conversation there and you wouldn’t want them to be uncomfortable when they cannot find adequate footing. Note that if you are decorating your room from scratch, the rug and carpet needs to be chosen first since they put together all the other elements in your house.

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