9 Stylish DIY Home Decor Ideas with Interesting Stuff

Flipping around website after website for perfectly stylish DIY home décor ideas is typical of home décor enthusiasts. This herculean task is now made easier by bringing it all down to this list of 9 popular DIY ideas for all the main rooms of your home.

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Personalized Love Seat

Rev up your DIY skills by decorating unexpected parts of your furniture. A simple crochet work dangling around your love seat can bring in the most dramatic look. With handmade Persian rugs just beneath this ultimately stylish love seat, your living room has received an impressive personality. You might want to check out this unique collection of genuine handmade rugs.

An entryway is the first place every visitor comes across. Take complete advantage of this strategic location and stamp that perfect first impression on your guests by giving your entryway a personal touch. Every personal article you choose to use in this part of your home should narrate a story about you and welcome your guests to explore more inside.

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Fabric Paneled Headboards

Headboards are fabulous artwork to create a focal point in your bedroom. If this art piece can be created with a wee bit of your creative sparks, voila! you have taken your bedroom from fine to fabulous. Creating this headboard masterpiece under 100$? Well, you’ll see!

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Savor Plants

Plants are an all-time favorite with decorators because plants are the secret ingredients that make you take pleasure in appreciating your space. DIY plant hangers that can show-off your handicrafts can further accentuate the very presence of nature’s sublime splendor.

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Feature An Ampersand

There sure is an astounding amount of meaning hidden behind this simple-looking signage. It has the power to unite almost everything in its vicinity and you sure need one ampersand to sport cohesiveness while sporting a style statement.

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Bright Furnishings

Cheap and old furniture can get new life with a dash of colourful paints. Spray paint an old wicker chair an unexpected bright colour and you have a designer piece sitting right in your patio! A cheap wooden table painted white can easily pass for a stylish art piece.

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Shadow Box Displays

Miniature artwork in home décor has awed elders and children alike. Shadow box displays are a convenient way to display DIY artwork that suits every season. Bring freshness into your home décor by sporting a dynamic shadow box on your mantel.

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Pursue Symmetry

Symmetry was a common sight in conventional homes since symmetry is associated with order and serenity. Strike a perfect symmetry for a calming effect in your foyer and this handiwork can serve as a focal point as well.

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Atypical Wallpapering

Put leftover wallpaper to good use by gluing them onto unexpected articles like your furniture, shelves and plain cupboards. Sky is the limit for your imagination when it comes to mix-matching pretty wallpapers in various spaces.

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