Accessorizing Tips for Ladies with a Plus Size Body

Your body’s proportions are the architectural building blocks of fashion. For you to look and exude a high sense of fashion, you must keep in mind your body’s proportionality and what to wear to bring out the best out of your outfit and your body. This means that you must wear form fitting clothes and then accessorize with sensible accessories. The best accessorizing tips for plus size ladies include:

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fashion tips for plus size ladies


The strongest fashion feature of plus size women is being able to go all-out when it comes to jewelry. Small jewelry pieces get lost and it is highly recommended for plus size women to wear statement jewelry.

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The best statement jewelry includes stacked bangles, long necklaces, cocktail rings or large pendant necklaces. Long necklaces draw attention up and down. You may also go for dangling earrings especially when you have a long neck. You should choose one or two pieces rather than wearing all the big jewelry pieces in your jewelry box.


This has nothing to do with makeup. As you get ready to walk down the aisle or when invited to a wedding or any other occasion, you must have worn the right fitting undergarments. This applies to any time you dress up.

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The right foundation has the power to transform a dress into the most beautiful and perfect fitting outfit. With right fitting lingerie, you gain more confidence and this is the first step to looking beautiful.


That top or dress in your wardrobe will have a total new look with the right belt size and colour. If you are plus size and you wish to get a more defined waist, the best belt would be grabbing a belt. However, not just any belt in the dressing room, go for the 3-inch wide or the 1-inch skinny belt.

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Jewel embellished and the ones that can be comfortably secured should be selected. There are several plus size wholesale clothing boutiques and stores that have some of the best belts for you.


A handbag is a woman’s best accessorizing item. Avoid small clutch bags. Rather, go for hand bags that are proportional to your frame. With a larger bag, your frame gets a look that gives off a small waist. This is a highly desirable fashion feature and tip that should be adhered to by all plus size ladies.

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Shoes define a woman’s style, the same way it defines a man’s. However, for a plus size body, shoes hold a lot more power. High heels are lauded for their instant slandering and leg elongation power. It may be a tough move if you aren’t used to wearing, walking or standing in high heels. You must therefore choose comfortable heels and avoid ankle and T-straps if you have wider or fuller calves. Ensure that you can comfortably walk in the shoes.

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In conclusion, a plus size body can be dressed up fashionably just the same way a petite can be. The only point to consider would be dressing your plus size body according to your proportions. Strong forms and fabrics should be selected to cover parts that shouldn’t be seen. Go out in terms of colour. As long as the outfit fits well, you will get the slimming effect.

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