Advantage of Using LED in Different Areas

Since 1990s, LED lamps have been slowly replacing traditional lights in developed countries like US and UK. However, the power of LED has now poised across the municipal frontier in developed and developing countries to overcome  light challenges on a long term basis. The mass adoption of LED  lighting shows that the days are not far when high pressure mercury and sodium  lamps will lose their luster, they serve as dominant sources of road and sidewalk lighting. What makes LED lighting so much popular and demanding? The LED  lighting benefits are not one or two but multiplies in number. What are they? Let’s check out.

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Advantage of Using LED

Extreme Long life

LED lighting does not have filaments that quickly burn and fail to give light. The operational life of an LED lamp is as long as 11 years of continuous operation, which is commendable. In other words, LED light gives 100,000 hours of continuous operation which is severe contrast to average life on an incandescent bulb which is approximately 5000 hours.

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Highly Energy Efficient

The LED light is quite energy efficient with just 15% of energy usage generating more light per Watt. They produce 80 Lumens per Watt, in comparison to that traditional light generate 58 Lumens per Watt which is considerably very less.

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Reduced Maintenance Cost

There is no comparison between LED lights and incandescent lights in terms of cost efficiency. Imagine the cost of incandescent bulb replacement in terms of labor expense and time required to replace them especially when they are installed in large numbers. The maintenance cost of incandescent bulb replacement for skyscrapers, offices,  lights and walkways can be enormous. LED lighting reduces maintenance cost because of its long life. It gives off less light than other bulbs. They are the best option for  lights as replacing lamps frequently seem to be expensive, inconvenient or difficult.

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Eco-friendly Lighting

Unlike high pressure sodium or mercury lamps, LED lighting does not contain toxic chemicals like mercury. Due to long life and energy efficiency, LED  lighting gives reduced carbon emission. When LED  lights are integrated with solar panels, the lights can become even more self-efficient by sending excess energy back to the grid with the adoption of “smart” energy grids. Additionally, it does not produce ultraviolet light which attracts bugs to fly around.

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Flexible Lighting

LED lighting produces “directional” light which is used to direct light on specific areas. They offer flexible lighting with capacity to control lighting at various levels. LED light gives clever effects like increasing brightness when pedestrian walks. When integrated with system, they can be used to alert officials alarming the maintenance of particular light. They can be used to blink or give signal describing emergency response.

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LED  lighting is increasingly getting its popularity due to its incomparable benefits. In no time they will replace florescent, compact florescent and incandescent light bulbs in offices and homes. We hope that LED lighting applications will become cheaper to replace incandescent lighting in homes, offices, traffic signals & outdoor signs soon in near future.

James Holden is the digital content manager of Visible Lighting and has many years experience in the LED Lighting industry. To find out more information on James Holden, you can follow him on Google Plus.