What is Air Balancing and Zoning?

As a home owner, you must understand the different machinery, systems and appliances of the home to have a comfortable environment. You want to understand such items as the HVAC systems of the home so you can recognize an issue or problem and have a solution provided as quickly as possible. When you have a home heating and cooling system, you must understand how the system operates, especially the different terms and operations such as Air Balancing. In many instances, individuals only understand how to turn the unit on and off and never really understand how to make the systems operate more efficiently and effectively.

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What is Air Balancing?

Air balancing combine with diagnostics is a process in which the air conditioning system is tested and adjusted to provide the highest quality of air in the home. The right amount of air is distributed into each space so you use less energy and spend less on your home comfort. Several tests are conducted that are all in relation to air balance which helps to provide the optimal performance from your HVAC system.

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Testing Components

When the testing occurs, a technician will use such items as an air balancing hood which will be used to measure the amount of air coming from each grille. The system pressures are measured with a Manometer while a Hygrometer is used to measure the temperature and humidity of the system. The results found from every test are then combined and it is determined how your system is operating and what changes need to be made for a more congruent system.

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What can Balancing Do for My System?

Now you may be wondering what exactly balancing your system can do for your home. In most cases, a system will be running at 30 to 50 percent lower on airflow. As the air passing through the unit and carries heated or cool air inside the effectiveness can vary. It is important for the amount of air flow to be set at the right option for your home and the rooms of your home. A technician who understands air flow will be able to understand how the system is operating and make the appropriate changes to provide the best operating environment for your system and home. With air balancing complete, you will have consistent temperature in every room with cleaner air that produce energy savings for your home.

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Air Balancing Issues

When you realize you have an issue with the coolness or warmth of the home, it may most likely be an air balancing issue. When the system was installed or over time, you can have failures in the duct system, splitters or damper issue. When a unit has poor duct work design you get poor air quality in the home when considering air balancing. Ducts that do not have dampers and are unable to be adjusted can also be a problem. It is important to have your system evaluated to see what changes can be made to create a more comfortable environment.

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Who Can Perform Air Balancing Service?

If you feel as though your unit needs to be improved with air balancing service, you need to contact a contractor who can provide such service. When you have accessible duct work, you will be able to have your system balanced and renovated to help with air balancing needs. A technician who is certified in such service will be able to consider your entire unit and provide the testing and diagnosis to get your unit in top quality condition. Contact your local HVAC provider today to see what can be done to improve your system and home heating and cooling comfort.

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