Amazing Glass Houses You Want to Live In

Everybody dreams of a beautiful, modern and unique house. Everybody wants to hire the best designer, who will turn their house into an architectural miracle. But unfortunately only a few people can afford all this, since it requires a really big amount of money. But the fact that you are not one of these ‘few’ people, doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot admire these beautiful houses. In this article we will introduce you some of the most incredible glass houses. These are houses from all over the world, which can be characterized with ultra modern architecture and amazing structures. These two things usually include a lot of light, transparent elements and… glass. So see how the super-rich have decided to turn their creative ideas into a fantastic fairy tale. Here are some of the most impressive and amazing glass houses.

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Our first suggestion was designed by the Mexican architects Parque Humano. Despite its small dimensions – 80 square metres, the house impresses with its unique design. Two of the walls are entirely made of glass and reveal a breathtaking, 360-degree view. The house is perfect for relaxation and meditation. In the middle of the house there is a fireplace, which is the only accent in the minimalistic interior. The colour of the walls is merged by the natural landscape, which perfectly closes the border between the indoor and the outdoor space and creates a great, relaxing atmosphere.

Jodlowa House, Poland


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Designed by British architects, this modern house is situated in a picturesque place, near to the city of Krakow. To be completely honest, this is our personal favourite. It is a single storey building with an entirely glass façade. The house is only a few feet high and it is not only fashionable, but it is also designed to minimize its impact on the environment. The tree in the middle of the house is a very impressing architectural decision. It is a great addition to the overall interior and once again shows the influence of nature in this design. The huge windows make this amazing house look literally perfused with light. Right behind the big glass there is an indoor swimming pool, two bedrooms and a 140 m2 floor area freely contacting with nature. The most fascinating part of the house is the 5 metre stone tower, which offers a magnificent view of the Tatra Mountains and a cosy guest room.

La Jolla, California

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Our next suggestion is a very interesting architectural solution, including the courtyard, surrounded by glass wall. This unusual building is located in La Jolla, California and has a unique, wavy roof, which determines the distribution of the internal spaces. Once again, the border between the interior and the exterior is blurred by the enormous windows, which perfectly contribute to the overall relaxing atmosphere. Inside of the house there is a bedroom, a living room and a dining room.

Holiday Villa, Colorado

The last in our list is a building, situated in Colorado, USA. The 290 m2 house is a holiday villa. There solar panels, which are used to provide electricity for the house. It is perfect for relaxation and a family vacation.

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