Amazon Art Gallery: How Amazon’s New ‘Fine Art’ Section Could Change the Entire Art Market

Believe it or not, Amazon is getting into the art gallery business. They deal in just about everything else these days, so it shouldn’t be terribly surprising. They have a wide variety of paintings that vary from cheap regular stuff all the way to seriously expensive paintings like a 4.85 million dollar Norman Rockwell. One thing that many people are wondering is how Amazon’s entrance into the world of art galleries might change the way art galleries work from here on out.

Just Getting Started

Amazon’s new art gallery already has 150 art dealers on board, as well as 4,500 artists and way more items than most art galleries ever have, with 40,000 already available.  As many as 29,000 of these items are under five thousand dollars, and you can find works as low as $10. This is definitely quite a different approach than that most art galleries. It allows people to buy whatever they want without all of the extra bells and whistles attached to the experience that people would have to go through if they went to a more traditional gallery.

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Amazon Art Gallery

Side Effects of Putting a High End Gallery on the Internet

Perhaps Amazon didn’t think through that by making the painting for sale in a way that looks exactly like a lot of other products on Amazon, they were just asking for trolls to come in. It’s entirely possible that they might be setting a precedent for taking the mystique out of a lot of these paintings as a result. The comments people made on the paintings were hardly of a very serious nature, and it’s hard to imagine such comments ever being said at an actual live gallery without their resulting in a lot scandalized looks. But the nature of the Internet is such that anonymity makes all sorts of things easier to say.

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The Freedom of Anonymity

This is the thing about the way the world is changing. In the past, buying pieces at art galleries was an intensely social experience. In many cases that was half of the point of them—to show off and socialize. But the truth is, sometimes people just want to buy high-end paintings without all the extra bells and whistles, and without informing half the world of decision. Many sites will likely follow Amazon’s example when it comes to this kind of approach in the coming years.

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Doing It Yourself

The Amazon art gallery is just one part of a current trend towards being proactive about modern art decoration. One example would be a company like Acrylicize—the type that many people are going to these days to get a full assessment of how to properly decorate their spaces without having to go through a lot of hassle. There are many such places available online these days, and it just goes to show that just about anything can be assed online now, from home décor appointments to high end art galleries.

This article is a guest contribution by Georgia Webster. Georgia is a freelance writer and blogger with a passion for art.