And Relax… 10 ‘Feel Better’ Apps You Must Install Today

Cell phones have become an everyday essential for most people throughout the world. With the new technology that unravels each day, the iPhone and Android markets are rapidly expanding. With all the releases of new apps, it seems to only add more stress or distractions from daily life.

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Instead, turn your phone into a source of positive influence. Let your phone reenergize you rather than drain you just as quick as their batteries do. Below are some Feel Better apps that will help you relax when you need it most.

feel better apps

Yoga Relax

Everyone knows that yoga will help you relax. It can be just as stressful to muster the courage to go start going to classes though. It seems that everyone in that room has not only mastered the yoga positions, but is immensely more flexible than you.

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Rather than going out and buying the yoga DVDs, consider purchasing the Yoga Relax app. It costs $.99 and could be the best dollar you ever spent. You can listen to the instructions instead of constantly looking at the screen, and you can customize the workouts.

iZen Garden

Zen gardens have been used for relaxation for over a thousand years. The iZen Garden brings the tranquility of a peaceful garden to you, whenever you need it. This helpful app has over one hundred different portraits of different styles of the gardens.

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You can customize your own garden, changing the sand colors and different shells/stones. If that was not enough, there is a sleep timer involved for those who are looking to doze off to the melodies and sounds. Now you do not have to worry about your phone dying and missing your alarm.


So you finally have the down time in your chaotic day to relax, even if just for a few minutes. Now there is an app that can help ease your mind and escape from stress. Within the Ambiance app there are over thirty-five hundred unique and different melodies to choose from.

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Those graceful sounds can be played in the background on your phone, allowing you to play games or browse the web while you relax. In addition to the magical sounds, you can set a sleeper to turn off the app, and use Ambiance as an alarm clock to wake up to the natural sounds.


myMeditation is another relaxing app that lets you fully customize your meditation experience for anyone that participates. This app includes “Pranayama”, which is a guided breath exercise.

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The gentle sounds help regulate your breathing. Many experts speculate that it is difficult to impossible to be angry or upset if you are breathing properly. The app does come at a small fee, but the money does not go into corporate pockets. Rather, the funding helps support non-profit organizations.

Zen Bound 2

Finally, there is one app that incorporates fun games with a meditation basis as well. There are over one hundred levels, ensuring that you will have levels to play for hours of relaxation. The levels from Zen Bound are upgraded visually while adding the new gameplay features. The game modes incorporate the tilt and touch aspects of your iphone or Android phones.

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Relax Melodies

Had a hard day? Sometimes the best thing to happen to you throughout the day is that you are finally home and get a chance to get some sleep. With all of the thoughts and worries piling up as you lay in bed, it can be really difficult to actually fall asleep. Thanks to the help of the Relax Melodies app, you can listen to some, well relaxing melodies. There are over ninety different ambient sounds that you can mix together to create your perfect sleep songs.

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Breeze Digital Chimes

I am not sure what it is about wind chimes, but they bring a sense of soothing and peace. With the Breeze Digital Chimes app for your Android or iPhone you can take your chimes with you anywhere. You can add in additional rain or wind sounds to help ease away any stress. There are five different chimes to choose from, including aluminum, melodic metal, and bamboo chimes. Create your own match of chimes and background wind or rain and allow yourself to sit back and finally relax.

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Fluid Toy 2

Are you looking for that perfect app to take your mind off of things for a little while? Or for longer depending on the time you have. The Fluid Toy 2 app is the perfect blend of creativity and relaxation. Your phone will be turned into an interactive fluid simulation that incorporates mellow, relaxing tones as well. Change the colors across the board and move the liquid in any direction you choose. The possibilities are endless and it can easily keep you entertained for hours. Those hours will most likely be some of the most relaxing hours you can spend on your phone.

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Nature Space

Nature Space has been described as “dreaming while awake” and it truly is an incredible app. The audio plays sounds traditionally found deep in the natural world, and can bring peace to anyone who listens. Couple that with the incredible 3D holographic images from canyons, rivers and forests. Sit back and let the soothing sounds of nature overcome you.

Living Earth HD

Sometimes replaying natural sounds and fake images will not cut it. If you are looking for a phenomenal app that has live pictures of the earth, than Living Earth HD is a must have app for your phone. You can track global weather, including cloud patterns and tropical storms. Seeing the earth from a distance and the clouds that surround it has a calming aspect to the body.

There are times that everyday life can throw too much at you at once. Everyone has their unique ways of coping with the stress, and what works for you may not work for someone else. Some people turn to yoga and meditation in order to calm their body and spirit. Others turn to entertainment as an escape from their lives.

Julia Butler is a freelance writer who loves yoga, spas, traveling and technology. She writes for Foxwoods Resort, which is a Connecticut resort and spa; follow them on Twitter and Facebook.