77+ Android Apps for Designers & Developers

Recent years have witnessed notable advancements in mobile operating systems. Android is one such mobile platform that has been successful in becoming the number one choice of smartphone users residing in different corners of the world. Moreover, this software platform offers a collection of quality applications that aid designers in undertaking and completing different types of web designing projects.

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Both ‘HARD’ and ‘SIMPLE’ web design projects can be effectively executed with the help of handy Android design apps. Through this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you information on best Android apps for designers that are customized for a variety of designing projects including graphic designing, architects or interior designing. So, let’s get started now!

1- Adobe Photoshop Express

If full-fledged image manipulation is on your mind then Adobe Photoshop Express is the right app for you. As a consumer-oriented photo-editing app, Adobe Photoshop Express lets you crop and resize images in addition to editing the color and effects for images.

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2- Fresco Paint Pro

Designers who prefer using a mobile device as a full-featured canvas, Fresco Paint Pro is the app to choose. This Android app allows you to work with a variety of natural brushes and effects, helping you maintain a consistency throughout the artwork.

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3- Sketch ‘Em

Opt for Sketch ‘Em Android app if you’re new to the world of designing and want to learn how to sketch on a mobile device/tablet.

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4- Skitch

Skitch is a tailor-made app for adding highlights, text and arrows to images placed on the Android devices.

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5- Design Dimensions

Choose Design Dimensions Android app when you need to convert dimensions from feet and inches to a customized metric system.

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6- 3D Interior Room Design

3D Interior Room Design is a perfect design app for Android for moving the floor plans, applying paints, flooring and adding other crucial elements that are necessary for attaining a 3D effect for the design.

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Iromihon allows you to see and adjust the color of your designs. In full-screen, you can see this app work as a color light (flashlight).

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8- Color Mood Designer

Color Mood Designer is one of those design apps for Android that allows you to find the color combination that’s right for your ongoing design project.

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9- AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD is the right Android app that allows the architects, engineers and designers to plot their designs and connect the files with cloud storage services.

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10- Interior Design Today

Access Interior Design Today for all the latest news, resources and inspiration on interior designing.

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11- Dream Home

Yet another great source for interior designing inspiration is Dream Home Android app that allows you to browse through a catalogue of ideas on interior designing.

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12- I Love Color

Installing I Love Color app allows you to gain an instant access to color palettes and patterns available within the database of ColorLovers- a renowned color-relate website.

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13- Color Buddy

Color Buddy app lets you select a base color and recommend other colors in the color palette using the traditional models including Triadic, Analogous etc.

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14- iFont

Installing iFont Android app lets you choose from a range of fonts by previewing and comparing them.

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15- HTML5 Guru

HTML5 Guru comes as a handy Android app that can be used for learning the basics of web design including the syntax, tags, color schemes etc.

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16- 920 Text Editor

Apart from usual text file editing, installing 920 Text Editor app can allow you to search through multiple files at one, choose colors using color picker and edit code in multiple programming languages.

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17- SketchBook Mobile

Install SketchBook Mobile app if you’re keen on creating excellent artwork on an Android device. Powerful features and an intuitive interface won’t let go wrong.

18- Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz Interior Design Ideas app offers you an easy access to over 900,000 high-resolution photos and the ability to find the right professional to assist you in creating the best design.

19- Color Pal

Similar to Color Buddy, Color Pal is the Android app that offers you an easy access to the ColorLovers database (colors and palettes).

20- SwatchMatic

Installing SwatchMatic allows you to take any picture and generate a color palette from it. Further, you can choose to export this palette in the Adobe Swatch Exchange format.

21- Adobe Edge Inspect CC

Adobe Edge Inspect CC

22- Camera Illusion

Camera Illusion

23- CSS CheatSheet


24- Flickr Uploader Pro


25- Flubble


26- HTML Code Cheat Sheet

HTML Code Cheat Sheet

27- Photo Workshop

Photo Workshop

28- HTML5 & CSS Quicklook Guide


HTML5 & CSS Quicklook Guide

 29- iDeviant




30- IKEA Catalogue


IKEA Catalogue

31- Infinite Design


Infinite Design

32- Infinite Painter


Infinite Painter

33- Magic Color Picker


Magic Color Picker

34- Munsell Color Chart


Munsell Color Chart

35- myPantone





37- Paperless


38- Pattrn



39- Photobucket Mobile


Photobucket Mobile

40- PicSay Pro


PicSay Pro

41- Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express

42- Pixlr-o-Matic



43- Pocket Color Chart

Pocket Color Chart


44- PRO Zoom Camera 5X


PRO Zoom Camera 5X

45- Rage Comic Maker


Rage Comic Maker

46- Serious Paint


Serious Paint

47- Sharpee


Sharpee – Powered by Behance

48- SilverEdit



49- SketchBook Pro


SketchBook Pro

50- Sketcher Free

Sketcher Free

51- Superdry Color Picker


Superdry Color Picker

52- Typomapp – Navigate Typography



53- View Web Source


View Web Source

54- Vignette



55- VT View Source

VT View Source

56- WordPress



57- Adobe Photoshop Touch


Adobe PhotoshopTouch




59- AndFTP (Your FTP Client)


AndFTP (Your FTP Client)

60- Ark Web SourceViewer


ArkWe SourceViewer

61- Asssist Dribbble Widget


Asssist Dribbble Widget

62- Blend View 3D


Blend View 3D

63- CamScanner



64- Cartoon Camera


Cartoon Camera

65- Clover Paint


Clover Paint

66- Color Assist


Color Assist

67- Color Dictionary

Color Dictionary

68- ColorSnap


69- Colour Reference

Colour Reference

70- COLOUR SCHEME PRO Asian Paints


71- Daltonizer



72- DroidEdit Pro (Code Editor)


DroidEdit Pro (Code Editor)

73- Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator

74- Fontest



 75- Fontly


76- Fontroid



77- Free Draw


Free Draw

78- FXCamera


79- Glow Paint

Glow Paint


So, that’s it for this blog post. Hope you’d have enjoyed going through this compilation of 20 best Android apps that come handy for every designer.

Have you used any of the Android apps mentioned above? If yes, do share your experiences. Also, don’t forget to post your feedback within the comments box provided right under this post.

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