Download ‘Takes’ App to Convert Photos into Videos

Photos being turned into videos, sounds strange and impossible, right? Fortunately for us, this isn’t impossible and the results are quite good, especially if you are looking for ways to make your iPhone’s camera more interesting. Have you ever thought what do you do with all the pictures you take? Usually, most of those photos are opened just once or twice and afterwards they are either deleted or saved in your phone’s gallery. Basically, they are useless as soon as you have already seen them.

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Takes app

Amit Man, creator of the Takes iPhone application thinks otherwise. The capabilities of his small application are unique and the results from it can easily surpass the success of websites and applications like Cinemagram, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Viddy and others. The Takes application allows you to turn pictures taken with an iPhone into something much more interesting.

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Takes app allows you to turn up to 15 of your newly snapped photos into mini videos that can be edited with a number of color filters and other options. You can also add music to your videos and instantly share them on a number of social media websites. If you think that such a function is impossible to create, then you are welcome to visit the Takes website and see the results.

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The way Takes works is pretty interesting as well. Basically, the application starts up with your camera and it instantly starts capturing footage. When you take a picture, the application will also save 10-15 seconds of video before and after the picture was taken. You can take up to 15 pictures and then leave the application do its magic. The results are incredibly good and you’ll be amazed by the app’s capabilities as soon as you create your first video.

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The application’s surprises don’t end here. When your video has been created, the Takes Music Engine will add a song to the clip. The interesting part is that the song will be chosen based on its length and beats-per-minute in order to match your video. Video filters are available too, so you can quickly change the way the video looks. When you are done editing the clip, you’ll see the handful social media buttons that allow you to share your creation with your friends.

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Currently, the Takes application is completely free, but it’s only available for the iPhone. Hopefully, soon we’ll see versions for Android and Windows Mobile, but Amit Man hasn’t released any official information about these releases yet. So download this app to convert photos into videos now!

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