Apple’s Consistent Evolvement from iOS 1 to iOS 10

Since it was launched in 2007, Apple has transformed the face of the mobile industries. Apple’s operating system, the iOS, has seen large developments – becoming one of the behemoths in this smartphone industry today. Apple has launched so many features in the iOS like App Store, iMessage, FaceTime, Siri, iCloud, and more. See History of iOS Evolution here.

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Here you will get all the information about the evolution of the iOS- from iOS 1 to iOS 10.

# iOS 1 – The So First Touch-Centric Mobile OS of Apple

iOS 1 was the first major release of Apple. It was introduced on 9th January 2007. This operating system didn’t get any official identification, it was only considered as software which managed the desktop OS X on the mobile phone. It was launched with only a couple of applications like mail, iPod, Safari, Maps, YouTube, and Camera. iPhone OS 1.1.5 was the newest and ultimate version of iOS 1.

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# iOS 2 – App Store Released

iPhone 3G that served on iOS 2 was launched in July 2008, and this turned the world of mobile applications. This version of iOS launches the App Store which making third-party applications that anybody could buy and sell. Other best features of iOS 2 covered push mail, screenshots, home screen pages, emoji icons and Genius playlist.

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iOS 2.2.1 was the ultimate version of iOS 2.

# iOS 3 – ‘Find my iPhone’ Feature Added

iOS 3  became available with the iPhone 3GS. It was launched on June 17, 2009, and  furnished with some features like tethering, spotlight search, MMS support and also support for cut, copy and paste. The home screen on the iPhone had two applications that a compass app & voice memos app. Other best feature added by apple which – “Find my iPhone” that changed the name of messaging apps to messaging. The first version of iOS 3 was the iOS 3.1.3, and the ultimate version was iOS 3.2.2.

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# iOS 4 – Introduced FaceTime with Video Chatting

iOS 4 was the fourth major addition which released in June 2010.

It came up with the number of exciting latest features. The major feature of this update was the initiation of FaceTime video chatting.

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With iOS 4, you could multitask system-wide, customize your wallpaper and zoom while clicking photos. This update brought with the iBooks, GameCenter and also abilities to put the applications in various folders. iOS 4.2.1 was the first version to bring major features similarity to the iPhone and iPad. After that 4.2 and 4.3 released sequentially. The 4.3.5 was the ultimate version of iOS 4.

# iOS 5 – 200 up New Features

iOS 5 released on June 6, 2011, during the WWDC 2011. Additionally, at the same event apple introduced Mac OS X & announced its cloud-based media service – iCloud. The iMessafe released in this update, providing you the ability to send texts over a data link. The flagship features of this iOS which was Siri. Other features cover Newsstand, Wireless syncing capacity, Reminders and the notification center.  You could now use the camera direct from your lock screen with this iOS 5. The ultimate version of iOS 5 was the 5.1.1.

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# iOS 6 – The Initial Vision of Apple Maps

iOS 6 was the sixth release of iOS which announced at the WWDC on June 11, 2012, and was released on September 19, 2012. Finally, Apple released its own navigation app, Apple Maps. iOS 6 added the Passbook app to the iPhone, an app similar to a virtual wallet where you can store some things like your cards, movie tickets, and boarding tickets. Some other important features of this update are Podcasts app, enhanced Siri functionality, general photos, and an ability to react to calls through texts. The ultimate version of iOS 6 was 6.1.6.

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# iOS 7 – Revised Look

Seventh major release iOS 7 was announced at the WWDC on June 10, 2013, and was released on September 18, 2013. iOS 7 was the greatest virtual revised of the OS ever since its conception in 2007. It was introduced features like AirDrop, Control Center, burst photo mode, iTunes Radio and Photo filters.

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Know the other updations of iOS 7 with release date

iOS 7.0.1 – September 19, 2013

iOS 7.0.2 – September 26, 2013

iOS 7.0.3 – October 22, 2013

iOS 7.0.4 – November 14, 2013

iOS 7.0.5 – January 29, 2014

iOS 7.0.6 – February 21, 2014

iOS 7.1 – March 10, 2014

iOS 7.1.1 – April 22, 2014

iOS 7.1.2 – June 30, 2014, was the last version of iOS 7.

# iOS 8 – Introduction of HealthKit & iCloud Drive

iOS 8 announced at WWDC on June2, 2014 and was released on September 17, 2014. iOS 8 added lots of improvements to the iPhone like predictive typing with the QuickType, more photo editing tools, and the capacity to send video & audio messages by iMessage. Time-lapse video, a camera timer and improved spotlight function are some of the best features of iOS 8. iOS 8 introduced some best applications like iCloud Drive, an online cloud storage, HealthKit, a new fitness and health application.

Know the other updations of iOS 8 with release date

iOS 8.1.1 – November 17, 2014

iOS 8.1.2 – December 9, 2014

iOS 8.1.3 – January 27, 2015

iOS 8.2 – March 9, 2015

iOS 8.3 – March 12, 2015

iOS 8.4 – June 30, 2015

iOS 8.4.1 – August 13, 2015, and this was the ultimate version of iOS 8.

# iOS 9 – Improved Stability of the OS

iOS 9 was released at WWDC on June 8, 2015, and released on September 16, 2015. iOS 9 focused on improving the complete stability of the mobile OS. The best features of iOS 9 cover low-power mode, new fonts, redesigned notes app and transition directions in Maps. Due to the arrival of Apple Pay, the name of the Passbook app was modified to Wallet. There were some small changes to the home screen, that covered a new News app as well as a new Music app.

Know the other updations of iOS 9 with release date

iOS 9.0.2 – September 30, 2015

iOS 9.1 – October 21, 2015

iOS 9.2 – December 8, 2015

iOS 9.2.1 – January 19, 2016

iOS 9.3 – March 21, 2016

iOS 9.3.1 – March 31, 2016

iOS 9.3.2 – May 16, 2016

iOS 9.3.3 – July 18, 2016

iOS 9.3.4 – August 4, 2016

iOS 9.3.5 – August 25, 2016, iOS 9.3.5 was the ultimate version of iOS 9.

# iOS 10 – Fantastic New Features

iOS 10 was the newest release of iOS which announced at the WWDC June 13, 2016, and released on September 13, 2016. This Update has revealed an increment to Wake features, that lights up your home screen for the minute you swipe your iPhone up. You can now get the best experience of 3D touch-enabled notification with new iOS 10. If you forgot where you parked your car! Don’t worry, with iOS 10, the Apple maps will recognize it for you. Even by the iPhone still it is not waterproof, iOS 10 will send you a warning message if it feels water.

The slide to unlock feature is now no longer available with iOS 10, preferably, you have to touch the home button to unlock. Now you can bye-bye to most of the inbuilt applications as iOS 10 enables you to delete them. Wait Wait Wait..!!! What is more, you can now use Siri for third party applications like WhatsApp, Pinterest, Uber, and MapMyRun too. There are so much more features in iOS 10 which you are bound to fall in love with this advanced OS.

The Apple iOS has grown a lot in just a time of 9 years, it makes you wonder what was the next update will be like. Apple is preparing up for the 10 year anniversary of iPhone launch. The expectations of a major redesign & changes in its present product line are already doing series.

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