Attract Targeted Customers with SolidCactus PPC Specialists

One-on-one dedicated service is the difference for your eCommerce business when you take advantage of the pay per click (PPC) management of Solid Cactus. PPC agency does not rely on an automated management method. Our technique is geared to partnering with you so you receive personalized attention that delivers your business the highest level of custom management and service available. The PPC specialist assigned to you will work with you to create a keyword strategy to bring qualified, targeted purchasers to your eCommerce store. We will work within you budget to provide an affordable plan for your business.

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Furthermore, you will have full access to your results so you can be sure your eCommerce operation is working to maximum performance. Solid Cactus strives to maximize your order size and monitor your site for clicks that bring profit for your company. We do not rest once your strategy is in place. We continue to seek additional opportunities for PPC program through testing and sustained customer identification. Businesses worldwide recognize eCommerce as an importanct facet of their business not just for selling, but also as an attraction for consumers.

You can rely on our team of trustworthy professionals that has earned numerous certifications in the industry including Google Adwords Certified PPC Experts, Yahoo! Ambassador Certification, and MSN adExcellence Certification.