Awesome Home DIY Projects For IPad Users

An iPad is a piece of technology that’s quite unlike anything that really went before it. While it is undoubtedly essentially a computer, the iPad has the appearance of something more familiar and is far more intuitive and natural to use. This is a device with the form factor of a book or magazine, that you can lean back and read with one hand, and which looks somehow classic and old fashioned. This is what makes the iPad appealing to everyone – whole families rather than just the tech geeks and business types. Your gran can use an iPad and so can your sister, and when you toss it onto the bed it looks like a natural part of the furniture: ready to be picked up and read at any time.

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This is why the iPad has a much more important place around the home than most other devices, and if you want to make even more of that then there are a number of fun DIY projects that will make it a much more natural addition to your home. If you are the type who likes to add fun touches to your home by using your creativity and a bit of ‘out the box’ thinking, then there are plenty of ways you can start doing more with an iPad. Read on for some ideas of DIY projects for iPad:

The Toilet Roll Speaker Dock

iPad docks with speakers add a whole lot to your home by allowing you to select from the whole of YouTube, Spotify and iTunes when choosing what you want to listen to. These days iPads and iPods have replaced real CD systems in a lot of homes, and this gives you more choice as well as a better aesthetic. It’s just a shame that those speaker units and docks are often so expensive and so ugly. Fortunately there’s a solution if you’re happy to go a bit DIY… and it will add a personal touch to your home too.

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All you’ll need for this project is a long cardboard roll from some wrapping paper and two finished toilet rolls or perhaps paper cups. Now what you’re going to do is to shorten the longer roll (to about ½ the length) then cut a small slat into the middle for your iPad. Next you’re going to take your toilet rolls or paper cups and then make round holes in the sides so that they can slip onto either end of the longer middle roll. This will essentially give your dock ‘feet’ so that it stands up. Tape up the back ends of your toilet rolls if that’s what you’re using, and these will then also act as speakers by amplifying the sound from your iPad and sending it forward toward you. Just make sure you put it in the right way so that the speakers are inside the rolls. Paint over it for a unique look.

Photo Frame

Who needs a digital photo frame when you can occasionally just put a slideshow of pictures on your iPad? Of course that’s not the most attractive thing in the world though, so how about getting some wood or some cardboard and creating an actual frame around your iPad? Add the ability to hang it from the wall, and you can then just slide it in and out whenever you want a digital photo-show for guests. Easy, quirky and great touch for the living room!

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Book Cover

If you have a cover for your iPad then it will already look a bit like a book which will make it look very appealing when left on your bed or a coffee table. Why not take this one step further then and find a book online with the right sized dust cover? With a bit of doctoring you can attach it to your iPad and cover in a way that will make it look like your iPad is that book. Great when you’re using it on the tube, but even better when it’s sitting on the table at home – or stashed away on the bookshelf where no one would think anything of it!

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