Balustrades Design Trends for Modern Homes

When building your home, you will be surprised how a baluster can actually change the way your house looks. Most people hardly pay any attention to the balusters for the staircases in their homes. Balusters are not the “small details” that don’t need much attention, rather they can change the look in your house and give it a nice modern classy look.

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Balustrades are important as they support the handrail to the main body of your staircase. The choice of material and design you use on your balusters will have a significant impact on the overall impact your staircase makes in your home. There are several types of balustrades you can use for the staircase in your home. You can choose from wood to glass, whatever you choose, you can have it custom designed to give your home that special look. Here are discussed balustrades design trends and types you can use for your modern home using glass, steel, wood or wire.

Glass Balustrades

For a modern look, glass balustrades are great. Glass balustrades are perfect for homes that have spacious design. With glass balustrades you can transform your home by adding a designer look to your living space. With glass balustrades you can have both semi-frame and frameless balustrades.

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Floating Stairs

The floating stairs glass balustrades are visually stunning and have the virtue of pure simplicity. This design can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. This design of balusters does not block out light but instead allows light to pass through freely giving the room a bright feel.

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Glass Stairs

Another popular trend with glass balusters is the “Glass Stairs”. This design is not only beautiful but has a very classy look. The stainless steel treads and handrails are supported by glass. You can choose your own custom-made handrail for this glass balustrade design.

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Glass & Wood Spiral Design

The glass and wood spiral design is also quite popular. You can have your staircase designed using wooden treads and glass balusters with a metal handrail. This design will give your home or commercial property a beautiful look.

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Stainless Steel

Metal or stainless steel balustrades have also become very popular and have begun replacing old fashioned balustrades. Steel is a very versatile material and offers incredible potential for balustrades. You can have your steel balustrades custom-made to include any particular design you like. Steel balustrades can also be used together with other materials like resin. Though custom-made metal/steel balustrades might be quite expensive, they offer a variety of materials that can be used together. Steel balustrades can be used with timber, glass and wire, and when used together it is very strong and gives a very modern look to your home.

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Polished Stainless Steel Balustrade

A polished stainless steel balustrade will give your home a very classic look and compliment the overall look of the property. The balustrade has high quality mirror polished square steel bars, marble treads and beautifully polished American walnut handrail.

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Nickel Plated Balustrades

With a combination of nickel plated steel and wooden handrail, your home will have a beautiful transformed look. This unusual combination of wood and nickel plated balustrade will give your home a touch of pure elegance.

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Metal and Resin

Metal and resin balustrades are also quite popular as they can be custom-made and include a variety of designs. However, metal fabrication could be a bit expensive, nevertheless, the designs that you can create with metal and resin will give your staircase a elegant look.

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Wire Balustrades

Wire balustrades are a modern option for decks or verandas and they also can be custom-made according to your own designs.

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Polished Wood and Wire Balustrades

Wire balustrades with polished wood can change the look of your property. You can choose to have the wires strung horizontally or vertically between the balusters. You can choose from a variety of timber or metal for your balusters.

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You can also have a look at the given infographic about Balustrades Design & Installation to create a better design for your home.

This post is written by Beth Sanchez from Steel and Glass Balustrades, the UK’s leading supplier and fitter of domestic and commercial balustrades.