Basic Tips for Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of the most important areas in every home. When the bathroom looks perfect, the feel in the entire home is simply different, and better. A well-decorated and maintained bathroom is like a sanctuary at home – a place to have a relaxing bath or energizing shower, a place to get ready for work and feel pampered. However, even only changing the bathroom tiles is quite a costly task these days. The bathroom is one of the areas at home that takes the most in terms of budget to be completely renovated. Faucets, bathtub, shower, tiles, sink and all the other details have to be in one style and ideally in materials that complement one another. People even install a television above the bathtub these days, thus turning the area into an entertainment center. Let’s take a look at the most important and the basic areas that could use some renovation in the bathroom.

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The Flooring

Most experts in bathroom renovation would advise you to start with the flooring. It’s not cheap to change the entire floor, but it will definitely add a completely new field to the place. You can use tiles or wooden flooring. Floor boards are quite trendy but there are still too many reluctant to use them people. The key to protecting them from the water is simply using at least 7-8 coats of varnish. This will be their waterproof.

bathroom waterproof flooring

The Walls

Another important area in the bathroom that can make or break the way it looks are the walls, whether they are painted or tiled or both, they need to be waterproof. Choose a fresh color that makes you feel relaxed – blue, purple, green, lime or white, depending on your preferences. Half of the walls can be tiled with the other half painted – it’s a great trend.


The Bath Tub

Do you want to replace your old bathtub? You will literally be spoiled for choice as today there are so many styles, materials and shapes that it’s hard to choose at once. One of the newest types is a whirlpool bathtub. Or you could pick one in a Victorian style. Choose the type that will make you feel the most relaxed and at home.

bathroom tub

Toilet Choices

You may not need to replace your current one whilst renovating, but look for at least changing the board with a new one. If there is chipped paint or any cracks, you might as well fix these issues now.

bathroom toilet choices

Bathroom Cabinets

Without doubt, these are the heart of every bathroom – choose a cabinet that will accommodate your shampoos, conditioners, soap and other toiletries and pick a beautiful big mirror. The best way to arrange a bathroom is to keep most products inside a single big cabinet instead of piling them up all over the area.

bathroom cabinet ideas
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