Basics of Graphic Design for Amateur Designers

Say you want to offer something, amuse someone or persuade them to buy something, explain a convoluted message or a system or showcase a novel process. In case you have any message which you would want to communicate, how do you do so? There is word of mouth advertising, or radio advertising. There is also verbal communication. However, if there is any visual media being used, say if there is a poster, a letter, logo, magazine advertisement, album cover or anything similar, then the type of visual communication in use is called graphic design. Check out tips for freelance graphic designers.

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It is a creative field which melds together art and technology for the propagation of communication. The designer works with a large selection of communication tools in order to correctly transmit an effective message to a targeted audience and his main tools are images and typography. Let’s understand the basics of graphic design below!

Basics of Graphic Design

Image Based Designs

Graphic Designers develop their images in order to properly encapsulate the ideas that they wish their clients to be familiar with. Images are truly amazing and persuasive tools of communication as they can transmit not only the basic information, but can also set a mood or an emotion for the same. The response to images by people is instinctive and is largely dependent upon their personalities, their lives and their characters.

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Image based designs require the image to hold the complete message and to utilize as few words as possible to explain the image. These images can be photographs, paintings, drawings or graphic renderings. ensures that the web sites that their clients order are top of the line websites with extensively researched images and graphics on them.

Type Based Designs

Sometimes, designers prefer to use words instead of images to convey their messages. They have a different method of using words than how writers perceive them. To a graphic designer, the look of a word and what it brings to the mind is as important as the meaning of the word itself. Typography, which is a form of communication which is made by the use of the printed word, or handmade lettering are useful for many functions. They can attract and hold attention to a poster, make a product name stand out in packaging or even make the use of running text. Check out vector graphic design apps.

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Image and Type Designs

Often, there are combination of the image and type style of designs in order to effectively convey the client’s messages according to their needs. They look towards the possibilities of a message being represented by both words and images. The designer has to find the correct letter forms and images and establish a balance between the two.

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The client thinks of the designer as the middleman between him and the audience. The client however, is generally involved very closely with the message to see the various perspectives from which it can be represented. The audience is too unfamiliar with the message to understand it and to have any direct co-relation to the message. It is also very difficult to make the audience a part of the creative process since most of the target audience is generally made up of first time customers.

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The graphic designer thinks of ways to make a message and to present it to both the client and the audience with success. They make sure that they understand the purpose of the message and its content from the client and then they work with researchers and specialists to gauge the nature of the audience. After a concept is finalized, the designers then work with illustrators, photographers and other visual communications experts as well as typesetters and printers to create the final designs. Such designs can now be made easily through sites such as amongst other websites.

Symbols, Logos and Logotypes

Symbols and logos represent condensed identities and information. Symbols are abstractions about the philosophy or the functioning of a company and they are now instantly recognizable such as Mercedes Benz’s three pointed star or CBS’s famour ‘eye’. Logotype are corporate identifications which are made through typographic word treatment. These identifiers can be of various formats such as hybrid designs, image type, or letter types.

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