Best 10 WP Plugins for Photographers

In the world of computing, plug-ins refer to software facilities that add given attributes to large software applications. They enhance the customization of such larger applications and make them have features that increase their user friendliness and attractiveness. In web browsers for instance, plug-ins enable these browser to scan for viruses, play video and display file types that would have otherwise not been possible to display.

Photography has its own unique needs and customization requirements which unless provided for via plug-ins, WordPress’ backbone features may not be able to fully satisfy these needs. Below are some of these plug-ins that have gone along way into customizing WordPress sites for photographers.

1- Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a special plug in developed by Rocket Genious and is used specifically as a contact form tool. This plug-in unlike many others come at a cost but it’s functionally that makes it stand out as the contact form plug-in of choice.  In addition to it being packed with a host of other features, Gravity Forms is supported by so many third party developers. It provides integration with PayPal and Mailchimp.  It can also be used to create questionnaires for clients.


2- NextGEN Gallery

This plug-in touches the heart of photography. It permeates to the core of picture and image management. It there is to be a plug-in that is set to manage WordPress gallery without fail, it has to be NextGen Gallery. As at mid June lat year the .number of downloads for this specific plug-in had reached 5.5 million; a phenomenal number if you may ask me. It is owned by Photocrati and is also supported by third party developers.


3- Shutter Plugin

This plug-in is also phenomenal in its capacity as a plug-in. It is also a gallery management pug-in but its popularity has been overshadowed by NextGen Gallery.  It makes use of custom post types an attribute that does not go down well with most photographers who are after creativity and high level customization.

shutter plugin

4- SlideDeck

This plug-in works in a slightly higher level compared to WordPress gallery plug-in.  This plug-in has the capacity of taking your social content such as Facebook or Google+ and converts it to slider which is SEO friendly. This can add decorum to a photographer’s website especially as far as the visual aspect is concerned.


5- WP Invoice

For some time, the usage of software such as Pancake and Freshbooks had dominated the world of invoicing. This software was subscription based and lacked the customization that comes with billing and invoicing in the 21st century.  WP Invoice as a plug-in is definitely website based and has all the necessary invoicing functions.  It also has a premium version which has many features amongst them single page checkouts, quotes and downloadable PDF invoices.

wp invoice

6- FooBox

This is a lightbox plug-in. it is designed to bring focus to your photograph. More to that it also integrates social media networking sites where you can easily share your photos and images. It also works in a very fantastic fashion together with NextGen Gallery.


7- SEO Friendly Images

As the name suggests, this plug-in adds a Title to your images and ALT making them SEO optimized. This is a useful plug-in if viewership and online traffic is an objective to be achieved. In photography, it is invaluable that your images are SEO compliant.


8- Event Espresso

This plug-in is an all in one event management solution. It is expected that as a photographer from time to time you may either have workshops, seminars or other events to take care of.  Event Espresso does exactly that managing your events, reducing administration costs and making your life easier and manageable. This Plug-in automatically reduces dependency on platforms such as Facebook and Meet up.

event espresso

9- Rename Media

The renaming of underlying media files has revolutionized the WordPress media library thanks to Rename media. This plug-in has it that whenever a media item title is altered also the media filename will be changed as a response to the alterations. The renaming extends to all thumbnails too.

rename media

10- Royal Slider

This is an image gallery and content plug-in. it has with it animated captions and even touch-support in the event the photographer is using mobile devices. It allows the use of thumbnails, bullets and tabs for navigation. Photographers have the flexibility of using it as an image slider, banner rotator or even a HTML content slider. It is developed under the best practices of CSS3 and HTML5.

royal slider

Author bio

Aimee Rutherford, writer of this article, tries to describe some Wp plug-in that is useful for photographers. She describes some necessary plug-in here. She expresses her gratitude to iPage Training Center for great and useful ideas in writing this article.