Best 20 Responsive HTML Templates

Every business strives to maximize its performance efficiency also brings more in its base. In this era of internet, the presence of a company on the web is one of the most important driving force for it. However, every rival firm of yours already has an online presence. So, how do you distinguish your brand with others? If it is an online war, it has to be fought with the mightiest of the weapon i.e. your website.

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The one who has got a better and more usable website will eventually emerge triumphant. With the emergence of technologies and tools like CSS, jQuery etc, a website is not just about the information that you convey to your users, but an experience that you offer. The websites have progressed from being an online face of an organization to a marketplace where products and services can be offered directly to the users.

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Moreover, the popularity of the smartphones and their invariable use to browse internet has made it mandatory for a website to be accessible on a mobile device in its full glory. Responsive websites have become the order of the day as even the search engines discard the non-responsive websites from their result pages.

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When it comes to building a great website with attractive design and usable features, responsive HTML templates have no alternatives. These templates let you build a business-specific website without coding from scratch. In fact, you can build your website without writing a single line of code. All you need to so is to replace the images, add content, make a few tweaks according to the business requirements and you are good to go.

We have compiled top 20 responsive HTML templates just for you:

  1. Consult Plus HTML Template

It is a responsive HTML template ideal for a consulting company. However, this template is versatile enough to be used by other kind of websites as well. The users get 29 different pages and template is available in 2 versions.

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  1. B-Smart HTML Template

B-Smart is a multipurpose responsive HTML template and can be implemented to built portfolio, enterprise and blog websites to name a few. Replete with shortcodes, 3 unique homepage layouts and browser compatibility, this template is a great choice.

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  1. Mega Health HTML Template

If you own a healthcare business like hospital and clinic etc., this responsive template is the way to go. You get pre-designed doctor’s profile page, departments and more. The template works like a charm on all major browsers and mobile devices.

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  1. Look HTML Template

Look HTML template is the perfect choice to cater the e-commerce business. With a responsive grid layout, this template is equipped with shopping cart pages, product display page and so on, making it a great e-commerce HTML template.

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  1. Forever HTML Template

This responsive HTML template serves dual purpose by providing two different versions of the template. The first version caters the wedding agencies and second one lets you build a wedding site for couples.

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  1. Chronicle HTML Template

It is a news and magazine HTML template. It is a fully responsive HTML template that works fine with major browsers and mobile devices.

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  1. Fit and Fab HTML Template

It is an HTML template best suited for fitness and sport centers like gym, aerobics and yoga etc.

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  1. Let’s Drive HTML Template

Let’s Drive is a car rental HTML theme. It is a responsive template that can be used by firms that deal in car rental and sale.


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  1. Business Plus HTML Template

The template is best suited for all kinds enterprise website and is quite versatile. There are numerous options for homepages, blog layouts etc.


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  1. Charity Fundraising HTML Template

As the name suggests, the HTML template is perfect for charity organization websites that wish to raise fund through the website. It has all the relevant pages required for such purpose.


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  1. Attorney HTML Template

Lawyers and attorneys can make use of this 100% responsive HTML template to create websites and take their services online.


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  1. Transport HTML Template

Transport is a HTML template that is ideal for websites that represent online presence of transport business. The template has pre-designed pages that are relevant to the business.


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  1. Gifted HTML Template

Gifted is a multipurpose HTML template that can be used to build websites for a number of businesses like real estate, transport, education, healthcare etc.


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  1. Industrial HTML Template

It is a HTML template that lets the engineers and the architects create websites to offer their services. Being a true responsive HTML template, it is compatible with all mobile devices.


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  1. Elizium HTML Template

It is essentially a blogging website HTML template but with your creativity, you can use it for a number of website types.


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  1. Dubli HTML Template

It is a responsive HTML template for building an admin dashboard. It is built using AngularJS.


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  1. Furnit HTML Template

Furnit is a fully responsive HTML template and is quite versatile. It can be used to build a interior design studio website along with all types of enterprise and personal websites as well. It is equipped with Slider Revolution, Font Awesome and Google Maps etc.


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  1. Sadharon HTML Template

Sadharon is a responsive HTML template ideally suited for portfolio websites. Its main features are Google material icon, scroll animation, lightcase pop up and Own carousel etc. The users also get PSD included with the template.


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  1. BerryApps HTML Template

As evident from the name, this HTML template is suitable for websites that showcase an app or different apps. It is equipped with built-in pages for the same.


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  1. Canvas HTML Template

It is a multi-purpose HTML5 template and comes in both muli-page and single page formats. There are 80+ ready to use homepages in the template.


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Final Thoughts

We are quite hopeful that these 20 responsive HTML templates have struck the right chords with you. If you have been planning to start a business or blog, you can go for any of the templates that matches the requirements that you have set for your enterprise. It has to be kept in mind that when you go for a HTML template, make sure you buy it from a vendor that provides timely support. Also, make sure that you go through the live preview of the template before zeroing in on any of them.

The post has been authored by Jean Turner, a senior front-end developer at theem’on with extensive experience in building premium HTML templates. When she is not busy crafting awesome websites, she loves to share her knowledge and insight on various aspects of the web design and development.