Best 3D Printing Solutions for Small Business Owners

3 D printing has already taking the world of research and design by storm and it is not hard to see why. The way that these devices can actually turn a real object into something so useable for design and even artistic purposes is absolutely amazing. But there is still a lot of room for improvement regarding the availability and pricing of these innovative devices. An industrial 3D printer can cost as much as $100 K and that puts it out of the range of smaller businesses. There are some cheaper models currently on the market but they either lack the real functionality of the high-end versions or cannot really be used without a heck of a lot of training. So here we are looking at 4 Kickstarter projects that have already received the full amount of funding required. They all have something unique for the best 3D printing solutions and your business should be able to cover the outlay for one of these bad boys.

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The Buccaneer – The 3D Printer That Everyone can Use!

The developers of this incredible 3D printer had identified two main issues with the current models available:

  • They are expensive
  • They are difficult to use

They set out to invent a 3D printer that can become a household item, for everyone to use. They also liked the idea of making their new business model one that following specific moral principles. If you have ever tried to operate an industrial standard 3D printer, you’ll know how difficult they can be. Messing around with raw spools of plastic and a pretty unfriendly interface are just 2 issues that we face. The Buccaneer looks very smart and all of the clever parts are stored at the top instead of being in your face. It is easy to connect to your Mac or Windows device and the Buccaneer is small enough to blend into any office scenario. The Buccaneer is also wireless and really is easy enough for a child to use. They can use it for their creative printing projects easily. So please check out the link and see if you can join the ever growing group of followers today!

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The Peachy Printer – The First $100 3D Printer

These guys set out to develop a 3D printer that would suit everyone’s budget and it seems that they have actually pulled it off! It’s hard enough to buy a normal computer printer for less than a hundred bucks so how on earth did the Peachy Printer come into existence? Well, it seems that these guys have taken a Photolithographic printer and tweaked it in such a way that it manages the 3D target with ease. We’ll not bore you with the science bit but you can find all of that and then some, on the kickstarter link we’ve provided here. You will need to provide your own digital camera to act as a 3D scanner but rest assured that the combination works a treat. Check out design tricks for improve printing quality. So get in touch with these clever chaps and you could soon be looking at your new best friends, all for less than a hundred bucks!

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Helix 3D Printer: Upgrade Your Business!

How many small businesses would love a 3D printer but simply can’t meet the budget that these devices are still commanding? We’re betting that there are hundreds of them if not more out there. Well the Helix feels their pain and is here to save the day! This model has been designed for the office in particular and will help professionals avoid the annoying time issues that occur when outsourcing is the name of the game. They’ve also targeted schools and colleges for their future client base and it looks like everyone will be a winner when this bad boy rolls out.  The Helix has been developed with safety in mind and the project is about halfway to its target, so please check out the link for some facts and sexy slides.

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Asterid: Easy to Use Open Source 3D Printer

Our final kickstarter 3D printing marvel is a real belter and the developers have attempted to develop a 3D printer that is capable of using open source with a myriad of platforms for developer, artists and consumers alike – and they’ve succeeded! They also supply all of the software and have made several models for the discerning consumers out there. Please take a look at the link and you will see some very clever ideology that is hopefully going to make these a production reality before too long. If you like what you see, why not make a pledge and become a part of this very special little team?

3D and Away!

We hope that you’ve read enough here to take a walk on the wilder side of printing, so please just review the links and see what you think!

Peter Stewart is the author of this article and works at Artec 3D, leading providers of affordable 3D scanners. Peter is a movie buff and spends his weekends watching movies with friends.