Best 7 Apps for Writers

So, you’ve got comfortable behind the laptop and you are ready to come up with your brilliant ideas on a blank Microsoft Word page. Everything goes like clockwork, you’re incredibly happy and see the progress of your work. Little by little you notice that your brain starts to get tired, your brilliant ideas is disappearing, the process is slowing down. Sure thing, you take a cup of strong black coffee (or maybe green tea), have 15 minutes break, and promise yourself that you will immediately continue the work just after the cup of refreshing drinks. Well, you’re finishing the last sip, putting the cup on the table near the laptop, rubbing your palms, and … suddenly you have an urge to check the messages in your favorite social network, now you have an irresistible desire to check the latest news in the world etc.

However, your conscience starts pounding furiously on the top of your head reminding your words: “you promised to continue the work after a cup of coffee!”. You are listening to the conscience, but your brains are already set up to be involved into the useless information. What’s up? After all, you were so enthusiastically set to finish your writing work by this evening! Just for people like you, smart geniuses created special applications for writers. The essence of these applications is that they concentrate your attention on one thing – your work; it helps to finish everything in time; it trains your willpower and patience. Let’s take a closer look at these applications. For your convenience, we chose the top 7 applications. Let’s go!

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apps for writers

It is considered people should work hard for 25 minutes and have 5 minutes breaks after each productive segment. The authors of believe the writers “eat a tomato” after each 25 minutes. As far as one can judge, the task of the user is to “eat the tomatoes” as much as possible.  This application is probably the most popular and convenient for everyday use timer productivity.

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Write or Die

Amazing app  for lazy, distracted and unable to concentrate people. It can be installed on a PC, as well as it can be run directly in the browser as a demo version. Here one can set a desired typing speed and work. If a person ”asleep” or simply goes away, the program will make a very annoying siren, in order to get back to the writing process. There is another great option. Write or die can be configured so that it deletes the previously typed text in case the person is not working (means not typing the text).

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It’s a Chrome extension, that can block the sites that eat your time (social networks, blogs, news, etc.) while you are working on the paper. It helps to focus on the work process. The idea is simple. A user chooses the time he does not want to be distracted. After the paper is written, he can open its access to his “forbidden” sites. It won’t help you if you restart the browser. You must work and finish your writing by your set deadline.

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An online writing application that focuses on the professionals, bloggers, journalists etc. This app is able to edit design and text formatting on its own. The program recognizes possible headings, subtitles, quotes.

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This is the most efficient text editor one can ever have. Quabel can be directly downloaded into your browser. Here you will find no design elements. Just your text and page of a virtual paper. The authors of this application believe you will not distract your attention and increase your typing productivity. This service can be run from any computer.

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It is necessary to underline the possibilities for the programmers with such an application. Textastic is an excellent tool with a syntax highlighting (more than 80 languages: HTML, SQL, C++, JavaScript, etc.) One can upload files to Dropbox, and to the servers S (FTP) and WebDAV. A created Web page can be previewed via a built-in browser. There are  options for editing a text: auto-indent, Markdown, TextExpander support, self-correction, words and symbols counter.


It’s an app that’s designed not only for writers, but also for those who works with texts as well as multimedia content.  One can structure the work, add video, audio and graphic files that a person requires for his project.

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