Best Camera Brands to Capture the Special Moments of Your Life

Nowadays, the digital camera has become one basic thing in our daily life as majority of people is enthusiastic over taking photos during holidays. But few people know the history and background of the various camera brands. In this article, I will introduce the best camera brands for you to help you know better about cameras.

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“Canon” this name comes from Buddhism. The founder of Canon Company is a Doctor Medicine. And it is set up in Japan. The original name of Canon Company is Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. And its original intention is just to research the development of high quality cameras. About in the year of 1936, the camera named HANSA CANON was ceremonially on the market. The word “CANON” has the meaning of “ceremony, norm, standard”. From than on, Canon becomes the symbol of famous camera brand and company. Canon should be one of the companies which have designed and produced the most varieties DSLR cameras so far. And the progress of Canon EOS DSLR is also obvious to all.

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Nikon Company has a really long history. It was invested by Mitsubishi and founded on July 25, 1917, consist of three combined optical instrument factories. At that moment, the company was devoted to producing military optical instruments for the Japanese Ministry of Defense. At the beginning of creating, Nikon Company had employed several German optical technologist and start to manufacture nikkor lens. Many camera manufacturers intended to use nikkon lenses, including the early Canon.

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From 1948, Nikon began to produce camera. In 1959, Nikon Company released the first 135 SLR camera Nikon F. It is a professional camera which can change lenses and viewfinders more convenient. Then Nikon F was admired by more and more skillful journalists for its perfect performance, exquisite workmanship and lower price compared with Germany cameras. In the Vietnam War, Nikon F was widely used by American journalists and gradually became the first camera choice for news reporters.


Olympus Corporation, named with the mountain Olympus which is the place of residence for the deities in Greek mythology. Olympus values the relationship between people very much. So in order to better reflecting the social value, the computer takes “Social IN” as its concept. And its purpose is to establish the relationship between corporation and society with three “IN” principles.

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Olympus was set up in 1919. It was the first company to commercialize the microscope successfully. And the endoscope which has played a very important role in the field of cancer prevention and cure also was firstly developed by Olympus in the world. So far, Olympus has become one of the precise optical technology representative corporations in Japan even in all over the world. And its business areas include medical treatment, life science, optical image and industrial machinery.


Fujifilm Corporation was founded in 1934 in Japan. It is devoted to the production of photosensitive material at the beginning. With the more than 70 years development, now it has become a trinity large image enterprise including photographic apparatus, film, digital photosensitive element, film developed and printed and post production.

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In January, 1958, Sony Corporation changed its name to SONY formally. This new name help it enter American and abroad market successfully. Even today, still there are some people holds the opinion that SONY is an American brand.

The history of Sony Cyber-shot digital camera began from the 350000 pixels DSC-F1 digital camera in 1996, and moved forward continually. In 2006, SONY took over the DSLR career of Minolta and declared that the large household electrical appliances enterprise entered the professional SLR field.

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The manufacturer of Pentax cameras is Asahi Optical Co. Ltd. It was created in 1919 and mainly produced glasses and projection lens. In 1951, the first camera was invented and then began to produce in 1952. This was also the first 35mm SLR camera in Japan. From then on, this company devoted itself to the producing of SLR cameras all the time. Although it is later than other Japan companies in camera manufacturing, it has created many NO.1 in both world and Japan on the aspect of camera.

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Hasselblad is famous for producing single lens reflex camera all over the world. It was founded in 1841. It was a small store dealing with groceries, clothes and portray material. In 1887, it began to deal with photosensitive material. In 1908, it became the general agency of Eastman Kodak Company in Sweden.

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Hasselblad cameras and Volvo Cars are together regarded as the pride of Gothenburg. Hasselblad is the favorite of senior professional photographer, especially in the scene, still life, portray, ads and other special using photograph. Hasselblad camera lens are provided by German Carl.Zeiss. The two symbol combination of Hasselblad and Carl.Zeiss stands perfect image, precise exposure, fluent operation and super durability.

The above are some information about several camera brands. For almost all the brands, what they cannot avoid is photo lost or deleting by mistaken. When you come across such problems, you can refer to this tutorial to learn how to recover photos from cameras.