Choosing the Best Conference Calling Tool – Essential Features to Look for

The global nature of businesses requires companies to be constantly in touch with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders of the firm. To maintain investor relations, provide sales pitches, hold meetings, you need an efficient communication system. Since the people are spread out geographically, holding physical meetings is expensive. And, of course, when technical issues arise, you’ll certainly need to be on-call for your customers.

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conference calling tool features

The best solution is conference calling for IT, according to Blue Jeans. Message boards are impersonal, and often don’t communicate the message effectively, especially if the topic at hand is technical troubleshooting. Sometimes the message may get lost in the discussions. Chat rooms lack focus and personal touch, so video calls are the best alternative. Conference calls are relational while message boards are informational.

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Video conferences are the cheapest mode of communication. Business organizations get to save about 30 percent of their budget if they skip business trips and settle for a video conference according to Teach ICT. There will be no need to pay for a flight, the rental cars, hotel accommodations, etc. Companies use them extensively, and they are going to take over the business world entirely. Conference calls are better than conventional solutions since they are almost four times cheaper when compared to outdated solutions. They also convey the message directly. The advantages of online conferences make it one of the favorite modes of corporate communication.

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Conference calls can be used to encourage employees or partners in creating better relationships. You can instill confidence in your IT investors by talking to them and providing the company’s vision. The popularity of conference calls led many vendors to provide sophisticated conference call equipment and services. Due to a large number of suppliers, it is not easy to select the best conference call service. If you understand certain features, it makes the process simpler to choose.

Features to Look for While Choosing Video Conference Call Provider:

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  1. Sound and Picture Quality – It is the most important feature you should not overlook. It is the sound quality which is the heart of the conference call. If the quality is not good and there are call drops or disturbances during the call, then you can just avoid the service provider. You can’t hold important meetings with low-quality sound. It is more important than the price aspect or other features according to industry experts on the Telegraph website. If the quality is low, it could lead to distorted messages leading to a lot more problems.
  2. Virtual Assistance – It is not necessary to have an operator assisted call but having a virtual assistant greet the customers could be a value-added service you can look from your conference call service provider. It is also best to have an operator standby during the call in case of any disturbance during the call, so they can interfere and resolve the issue.
  1. Recording – You may look at the ability to record the conference calls. It helps to know where mistakes are made when you review them at a later date. It will also be a record of all agreements that are discussed during the conference session.
  2. Price – It is important to choose a service provider who provides best features at the lowest price in the market. The only thing you cannot compromise for the price is the software quality. .

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  1. 1. Personalized – Conference calls are more personal than an email or other instant messages. Remote workers will feel more confident when their bosses talk with them and discuss their problems and solution Conference calls increase the morale of employees and make them more productive.
  2. Ease of Operation – The advances in technology has made video conference calls simpler when compared to yesteryear. You can get conference call to whomever you want to communicate within minutes irrespective of which part of the world they reside.
  3. Quick Problem Solving – Conference calls help in brainstorming due to which problems get solved quickly. If any employee is facing a problem dealing with any client, they can quickly get another co-worker on the video and assist in resolving the problem immediately.
  4. Cost Effective – It saves considerable money in terms of traveling costs. Employees who stay in different places need not come to the office every time for meetings and can manage through video conference calls.

Due to the incredible advantages of video meetings its embraced quickly by most businesses. It is easier to implement since it doesn’t need higher bandwidth nor any specialized hardware. It is simple to setup and use. However, the only thing you have to take care is to secure conference calls. You need to make sure that the right person receives the call. You can change the access codes frequently to keep company information remains intact when employees leave. It is best to choose systems with 128-bit media encryption to keep conference calls secure.