5 Best Fitness Gadgets to Help You Work Out Smarter

Today’s consensus on working out is that the harder you do it, the better it is for you and your body. While this is mostly true, some shortcuts will make you work out smarter and achieve similar results. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t work out at all. However, you will have an easier time regarding everything (keeping track, hydrating, etc.). Here are some of the best wear action gadgets that will help you work out smarter!

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Fitbit Blaze

This gadget is a watch, but it’s filled with great functions. This smart fitness watch has features such as recording the number of steps you took, measuring your heart rate, sleep, and the number of climber floors. There’s also a multi-sport feature that’s designed for tracking specific information which is related to workout types. The watch also knows when you’re walking and when you’re working out!

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Gymwatch Sensor

Gymwatch is a sensor that you wear while working out. It’s mainly designed for use while using gym machines, weights, or when doing the usual body weight training sessions and exercises. You won’t need a gym buddy anymore because the Gymwatch sensor does it all for you: it can detect the way you’re working out, and it tells you if you’re doing an exercise wrong, and it also offers feedback in audio form. Lastly, if you’re doing an exercise wrong, it will tell you exactly what to adjust (grip, pace, posture, etc.)

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Fitness Bracelet

The Amiigo Fitness Bracelet is different than other fitness bracelets because it can track the workouts that you perform. You get two devices which you wear on your wrist and leg. This is because it needs to track both your lower and upper body movements. It knows the difference between walking, swimming, cycling, playing basketball, golf, and various other activities. Bluetooth is used for syncing and it’s open source which means that anyone can create apps for it!

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Emfit QS Sleep, Monitor

This is an amazing little gadget that monitors your heart rate while you’re sleeping. You simply put the Emfit QS sensor under your mattress and go to sleep. While you’re sleeping, the sensor sends data. Any device can receive this data, and you can see your heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, and movement. Athletes that use this device benefit from it because they can observe their stress levels and sleep patterns and it allows them to see if something is wrong with their mind or body.

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LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle

This bottle allows you to drink water from it while also keeping track of your daily intake of water and vitamins. It’s a great gadget for those who want to stay true to the correct amount of fluids and vitamins that a person needs to take in a single day to stay healthy. It’s also compatible with FuelPods which means that you will be able to achieve your goals about nutrition whenever you want to!


Cindy is blogger and writer at wearaction.com and she has a passion for fitness that she wants to share with you, and anyone else who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle. She always suggests using wearables & fitness gadgets for the workout.