Best Halloween Fonts: Add These 5 Spooky Fonts to Your Halloween Design

Halloween is around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity to spook both friends and adversaries. What better way to accomplish just that than with spooky typography? As “Smashing Magazine” alleges, great typography fits the needs of the intended audience, be they dull textbook readings, or in this case, delicious Halloween chills. The fonts detailed below garner inspiration from the creepiest and crawliest of Halloween mainstays, making them perfect additions to spooky cards, posters and other printed announcements:

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Rapscallion by Ryan Splint

With a name like Rapscallion, how can you go wrong? Ryan Splint’s deliciously spooky font suggests a sort of old world charm, or rather, old world horror. Font A Day reports Splint based his design off of a favorite Australian punk band, striking inspiration during a night of drunken reflection. Despite its punk nature, this font works nicely as an additional Gothic detail for any Halloween set-up.

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Needleteeth Suite

Needleteeth Suite’s decidedly odd name fits its spooky design perfectly. Created by Sinister Visions’ Chad Savage on Halloween Night, the font features unique letter corners that send chills up your spine upon first sight.

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Special versions of Needleteeth Suite with drips of blood coming off the letters are also offered. PC World notes that, due to its specialty nature, the font is ill-suited to standard text. However, if you’re decorating photo cards for the holidays or completing other unorthodox projects, Needleteeth Suite remains your go-to font.

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A Charming Font

Dont be fooled by this font’s moniker — while initially charming, this text’s spindly lines and delicate swoops become eerier with time. Created in 2000 by Graham Meade of GemFonts, according to, the versatile font’s uses extend far beyond Halloween party invites and the like. However, the font’s intricacy leaves it best suited for headlines or, in certain cases, photo captions. In smaller sizes, its spooky details risk being lost, thus destroying the overall effect of the text.

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Moonlight Shadow

Capital letters always receive the bulk of the attention in typography. Rarely do you witness a font in which the lowercase letters feature greater intricacy than their uppercase counterparts. However, David Kerkoff’s Moonlight Shadow proves a welcome exception. With delicate swirls reminiscent of spider webs, such lowercase letters as “n,” “g” and “y” pack on the thrills and chills.

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Lakeshore Drive

Skyhaven’s Lakeshore Drive appears to be something straight out of a horror movie. It’s a fitting choice for any poster promoting a Halloween event, although it could also be utilized in a variety of additional contexts. Be careful, however, not to mix this up with Nick Curtis’ edition of the Lakeshore Drive font. Although the two fonts share the same name, they completely differ in terms of style. You’re aiming for a spooky Lakeshore Drive, not a calming one — and you’ll receive that eerie touch with the exclusive Skyhaven typography.

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