Best Hipster Interior Design Trends of 2014

Trendy homes and hipster living style offers a lot of bizarre and weird concepts to embellish the interiors that people love to embrace. Several styles and elements have been introduced along with time to take a break from the regular conventional and contemporary designs. Every individual who love to follow the flow of fashion in every aspect of life can find no better way of embellishing his home with hipster designs.

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In recent year, more innovative and peculiar ideas have been introduced to elevate the level of fashionista dwelling. Many vintage trends are also popping up again to match the up-to-date thoughts of hipster homes. People love add hipster factors in their interiors along with casual setting to give a perk to their lifestyle as well as to coordinate the trendy mind set.

Neon Lights

We cannot imagine modern urban life without neon illuminations around us. Hipster homes cannot wear the perfect hipster personality without having neon light fixtures to electrify their décor. Trendy embellishments gives striking look in the glowing zoom of neon lights. This year you cannot avoid them during your home remodeling project.

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Eccentric Paints

Altering home paints is a normal activity that we do every other season for making our residence fabulous and pleasant. From bright to dark shades, accent walls, focal painted sections and other effects have made our interiors characterized but not like the eccentric coating style of hipster. Using quirky painting tones on wall to show your distinct reflection can build awe-inspiring layouts for cool homes.

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The most excited thing that you would see in all the trendy homes is terrarium display. They are not just the source of home decorations but are highly alluring for people interested in natural habitat. The glass cases contains natural living species of plants and neatly designed tiny landscapes with faux figures in them or they completely provide an active natural life with plants and small animals like lizards and turtles which can survive in such environments. Placing one in your living area make it worth indulging for all hipster guys.

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Instagram Punch

Instagram is most famous app these days to present yourself as part of hip society. You cannot survive in the surrounding with techno buddies while avoid the usage of Instagram on daily basis. You can take this concept to embellish your home with most exciting images taken from your Instagram account and make canvas prints to fill the walls with euphoria. Small canvases, print designs, panoramic glass prints or large posters, anything of your choice can rock your interiors.

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Antlers Come Naturally

Antlers has been considered in since the hipster origination, same is the case this year too but with a little twist. Generally people use natural antlers that would be quite costly and hard to find, but faux material antlers are more funky than real and they also come with different animal figures. Like deer, horses, reindeers, zebra and so forth. You can also play with the appearance of these antlers by wrapping them with text papers, velvet and vintage fabrics, wickers, confetti, paints, patterned paper and washi etc.

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Mustache Display

Mustache display is the most innovative one in the regime of hipster concepts. May be it don’t make sense for many of adults but teens and youngsters love to have them in their wardrobe, on phone sets, cushions, watches, bags and more in their bedrooms. They want it on their pillow cases or right behind the bedrails. You can also take a bit seriously to add it in your living area to mustache a question from your hipster visitors.

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