Best Home Improvement Apps for iPhone and iPad Users [Free & Paid]

Smartphone applications have intruded every sphere of human life, nevertheless, in a good way. Be it making your kid sleep, checking the prices for fights, securing your phone against thefts, or fixing a broken window, you have an application for EVERYTHING. Smartphone applications have opened a new avenue for innovation and tech enthusiasts are taking full advantage of this by coming up with brilliant applications every day. Application development is now a full fledge industry and a flourishing one at that.

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The home improvement industry is no different when it comes to smartphone applications. You can use your smartphone to help you with DIY projects, choose colours for your walls, visualize your room with the interiors before even a brick is laid, find the nearest available plumber or electrician, give you brilliant ideas for interiors, and lots more. Here are discussed some of the best smartphone home improvement apps. You can also check out best home automation apps for iPad too.

My Measures and Dimensions [Paid]

This is a free application but has an upgraded paid version too. It is available on both- iOS and Android. This application helps you store the dimensions of anything and everything. The user just clicks a photo of the object and feeds in the data with arrows, angles, texts, and notes. The dimensions stay with you, in your pocket. The application also has features to let you calculate basics like area and volume. You can store different images for different projects in folders and share the files as PDFs or images. It’s handy and quite easy to use.

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NestPix for Home Design and DIY [Free]

If you are a DIY kind of a person, then this application is a must-have for you. It’s a free application on iOS. The application has built a community of DIY enthusiasts who can share the pictures of their projects with the rest. The application helps you manage your home improvement DIY projects folder wise. You can click images of your projects and share it with others. You can also browse through pictures of similar projects or projects that you might be interested in.

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Home Repair 3D Design [Paid]

If you are thing of construction or renovation of the house or even if just a room, this application can do you good. This is a paid application for the iOS. It lets you calculate the estimated costs for the renovation or construction within minutes. The application helps you calculate the area of the openings, doors, windows etc. along with the material required and the estimation of costs.

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Masters Home Improvement [Free]

Based on the magazine, this free application comes with the option to buy the subscriptions too. The application is a guidebook with detailed descriptions for various kinds of DIY home improvement projects. It involves home improvement extensions, loft conversions, repairs, and upgrades. You get expert tips on what to do, what not to do, materials to buy, and where to buy them.

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