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Best IPhone Apps To Make Free Calls Worldwide

Modern smartphones are incredibly productive and show performance that can compare to performance of personal computers. So, it is pretty stupid to use your iPhone just to make phone calls. At the same time, making phone calls is a primary function of every smartphone. The only downside is that mobile carriers charge money for calls, especially international calls. But with 3G or WiFi around it is possible to make free calls. And I mean absolutely free of charge. It is not a joke, you can spend a few minutes of your time to read on this post and register to try out the best iphone apps to make free calls worldwide.

apps to make free calls


The guys who developed and brought up this service know what free should actually mean. Free means free. No hidden fees, no advance payments! You should not visit any sites full of trojans or download apps from weird webpages. CallsFreeCalls has client applications for iPhone and Android. So, just head to iTunes to download and install the app. It will not take long before you get started. You will have to register, complete a few offers from sponsors and partners and start making free calls to more than 140 countries worldwide. Yes, you can call to landlines and mobile phones. This isn’t like skype. This is so much better since you have a complete freedom. Still having some doubts? Well, I won’t try to persuade you – you will find all the answers here –




This application integrates with a user’s phone book and allows making free calls to other Viber users. Since Viber is integrated with the phone book, it is not necessary signing up for the service or opening an account. All you need to do is to install the app and enjoy the superior quality of free calls. However, communication is possible only when both sides have Viber app on their mobile devices. Get viber now!


Using this app will be especially beneficial for Gmail users, as it allows making free calls to all contacts in your Gmail. In addition, you will get an opportunity to make free video calls to friends from your Gtalk contact list. Getting in touch with Gmail contacts is possible whether they are on a mobile device or computer. Get Vtok here!




Vonage for Facebook

This is one of the top names in the VoIP sphere. Vonage allows making free calls to all Facebook friends using this app. The app is very easy to use and offers an excellent quality of calls. This is definitely the easiest way to call Facebook friends without spending a penny. Vonage is here for you!


This service is getting extremely popular among modern users. It works flawlessly and offers real-time communication which resembles voice SMS. TalkBox users can share audio on Facebook and check their conversation history. Another useful features offered by the app are one-click photo transfer and group chat. Get Talkbox now!

So, the choice is yours – pay money or enjoy free calls without spending a dime. I’d prefer the latter! Calling other other people for free is real and safe. Enjoy it.

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  • Paxforex

    Skype does the job as well and so far remains my favorite app for free calls. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!