5 Best Smart Car Apps for iPhone Users

Transform your driving experience to the next level by using highly proficient iPhone navigation applications.

Indubitably, the standalone GPS devices offer an absolute solution with utmost efficiency. One can leave it inside the car and doesn’t need to worry about its charging. However, it has been observed that Smartphones applications (being an affordable solution) are preferred more over GPS devices.

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If you own an iPhone, you don’t need to invest in a heavy GPS system for your car dashboard. As, severa mobile app development companies have contributed in iPhone app development and delivered brilliant application in the App store. What you need to do is, purchase an inexpensive windshield or dashboard mount, install an appropriate navigation application from the Apple App store and pop your phone into the mount, and reap the benefits of iOS app development.

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For the folks who are looking for resourceful applications that can help them while driving, here is a list of ultimate car apps for iPhone users given below.

1. Google Maps

Whether you want to search for a destination, or want to look for pubs or fuel pumps that available on the way, Google Maps is the most reliable navigation source available out there. It provides search results instantly along with descriptions that facilitate users to make a suitable choice. It tracks the location and offers precise results. Android users get this app as a default feature, however, iPhone users can download this free app from iTunes and enjoy its benefits. This highly efficient app will make navigation much easier and faster.

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2. Pandora Radio

Want to go on a long drive while listening your favorite tracks? If yes, then this free app is just perfect for your desire. Since, an old tired playlist may limit the music options, but the popular Pandora Radio app will offer you innumerable options. With this app, you can make search for your favorite artist, composer, genre, music, and more; moreover, it restricts annoying advertisements to interrupt you while listening to your favorite song. It is designed to deliver ultimate audio quality, customizable skins and desktop apps. Download it from iTunes and make your journey more interesting with this free app.

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3. INRIX® XD™ Traffic Maps, Routes & Alerts

Getting stuck in the traffic is one of the most irritating thing. It not only creates delay to reach the destination, but also frustrates the driver as well as the passengers. If you are looking for an efficient application to get rid of massive traffic jams, this app will fit best for your needs.

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INRIX is integrated with GPS functions that offer the best possible route to your destination, possessing minimum traffic, and also facilitate appropriate directions to the destination. Avoid traffic jams and save your valuable time by installing this application for free from iTunes.

4. GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas Prices

The rising fuel prices have become a major concern for most of the drivers, as it consumes a significant chunk of their valuable earnings. Thus, using an app that can help you get fuel at cheapest price will definitely add to your savings. Fortunately, GasBuddy is the popular app that facilitates iPhone users to locate cheapest fuel station near their location. Users can make search for cheapest gas either by entering their zip postal code or city. They can even earn awards and points by reporting the gas prices.

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This free application has over 40 million users who are saving their precious money. Download this app, save your money, and share the prices with others to help them them save money as well.

5. Trapster – Speed Traps & Road Hazards, Real Time Traffic, Driving App

Trapster is an absolute driving companion that can help you determine all the road obstacles while you are driving; it includes police hangouts, construction zones, accidents and traffic jams, etc. This highly innovative and intuitive application is designed to help travelers avoid hazards and speed traps while driving.

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By using the iPhone’s Wi-Fi feature, this app showcases your location on a map and represents the data regarding speed traps, hazards etc., that fall into your route. Moreover, it also offers voice alerts about an approaching trap and its dynamic radar function generates appropriate speed warnings.

Trapster features a huge community of more than 21 million users that helps maintain the data regarding all the alerts. It’s not mandatory, but if you are interested, you can also join its network. This app is available for free at iTunes; download it and ride safely.

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The above are a few of the incredible iPhone apps that are designed to cater the needs of a driver. Download and install an appropriate one and enjoy your ride by reaping its amazing benefits.

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