Best Social Media Platforms for Business [Infographic]

Social media networks are playing a very vital role in the social exposure, social awareness and most importantly business growth. For a small business with less than enough time and money, the question is to choose which social media site, as there are so many available. If you are confused as to which site to follow, you would like to check the following stats which are based on real data.

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  • 89% marketers stated that social media marketing promote business
  • 53% information & communication businesses have Twitter blogs and microblogs
  • 85% marketers use Twitter and 50% states that Twitter is an effective social media network
  • 65% B2B companies acquired business via Linkedin
  • 91% B2B marketers use Linkedin
  • 40% B2B buyers use Linkedin for researching technologies and services’ purchase
  • 42% Facebook fans like B2C products/softwares pages for discount and 35% for entering contests
  • 77% B2C marketers got business via Facebook and 53% users following a brand
  • Google+ used for social media campaigns by top B2B brands like Cisco, GE, Media Temple
  • 68% Google+ users are male professionals
  • 52% Youtube users are driven by product videos for online purchases
  • Youtube product videos’ viewers are 57% confident buyers and less likely to return the purchased item
  • Product videos’ views are 2 minutes longer on Youtube and 64% viewers are buyers
  • 44% information and communication businesses use Youtube for multimedia content sharing
  • 69% Pinterest users are female and 92% of Pins are made by them
  • Mothers are 61% likely to visit Pinterest
  • 70% Pinterest users have shopping interests and 60% of Pinterest traffic is due to home and furnishing items
  • 81% of U.S. online consumers trust Pinterest for shopping information
  • 3% of retailers on Pinterest are followed by U.S. consumers
  • 57% of Pinterest users are interested in food-related contents

Let’s have a look at Best Social Media Platforms for Business in visual form below:

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