Best Tablets for Christmas

Tablets have become the electronic devise everyone wants this season. As prices have come down, and specifications have gone up, the tablet has become increasingly popular. To meet growing market demand a large number of tablets have been released in time for the Christmas. The consumer is faced with a barrage of technology, and they need to decide which device meets both their needs, and their price point. The iPad has been the market leader, but it is facing stiff competition from respected rivals.

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Newly released tablets have also been flooding onto the market in increasing numbers, and as a result there are tablets to suit all wallets. So how do you know which tablet gives you the features you want, and also fits into your price bracket? The following list should help in your decision-making process to pick the best tablets for Christmas.

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High-End Options:


This was where it all started, and the iPad still remains the device that all other tablets are compared to. It is fast, has a vivid display and has top of the line functionality.

iPad Mini:

The newly released iPad mini has surprised many commentators with its smaller size feeling right, while at the same time there is no major loss of functionality. They have also been delighted with its much cheaper price tag when compared to it’s bigger brother.

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There are probably two main competitors to the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy and the Google Nexus both have lower price tags and can compete on most features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1:

In terms of design the Samsung Galaxy it is very close to the iPad. So close in fact there have been major court battles over copyright between Apple and Samsung. The Samsung has a brilliant display and fast processing speeds.

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Google Nexus 7:

This tablet has super-fast hardware and comes with the standard 8GB or 16GB storage built in. The display is high definition and made of glass which suggests durability, and scratch resistant. The price of this tablet may also surprise you. On balance this is an excellent smaller sized tablet with fast processing power, and Google ease of use.

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Less Expensive Options:

If you are looking to dip your toe into the tablet pool, but don’t want to commit too much money until you know if tablet computing will fit into your lifestyle, there are less expensive options. A cheaper option may not be as fully featured as the first three tablets mentioned here, but they may be ideal for your needs.

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The Kindle Fire HD 7”:

The Kindle Fire is surprisingly cheap, yet remains a relatively highly featured tablet. Although it is primarily designed as an e-book reader it has nearly all the normal tablet functions. It comes with generous internal memory and a small size. Read review of Kindle Fire HD to get details.

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The Dell Streak 7:

The Dell Streak 7 is a lesser known tablet with most of the functionality of its competitors. Its biggest disadvantage is that although it has great features, its battery life is low at 3 hours per charge. If you can live with this issue, it comes at a bargain price.

The market for tablets has exploded, and there are options for all needs. Even you can have a great variety of computers and tablets for bedridden if required. It might be that now is the right time to put one of these tablets under the Christmas tree for a loved one or as a special present for yourself.

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