Best Tools to Create Infographics Professionally

Infographics have been there for ages!! Yes, contrary to what you may think, infographic is not something that popped up in this digital age. Look closely and you would find that image as a medium to share information, was used even in the age of caves.  The only difference today is the amount of data we need to showcase is large thus the ever increasing need to have an infographic.

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Few years back, you needed a dedicated budget and good designers to get an infographic that is visually attractive as well as contain useful information. But, today we have hundreds of tools which can help anyone to design infographic even with no design knowledge. Let’s take a look at few of these amazing tools which can help you make infographics in just few minutes-


Price: Free

Premium Feature:There are few elements on Canva like premium pictures and template for which you need to pay them to avail those elements.Canva- an online infographic maker provides a very easy method for designers as well non-designers to create infographics. You can choose from hundreds of design templates and images available in their directory as well as those created by others.The best part of Canva is their neatly designed interface and even if you are not a tech guy, you won’t find any difficulty in using it. Designing infographic is as simple as selecting a template, dropping an image and adding the text you want. That is it!!

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Price: Free

Premium Option: Available at $19 per monthInfogram offers simple templates which the users can edit. If you are in need of making an infographic that is data-centric then infogram is one of the best tool to use. Also if you want to create a dynamic infographic and want it to embed it to your website, then infogram offers API for that too.

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Infogram boasts of being used by prestigious organisations like Euronews, University of cambridge, etc. Whether you are blogger, educationist, brand ambassador, or an organization, you can make charts/infographics in three easy steps: pick a template, visualize the data, and publish.


Price: You choose the price

Designhill is a graphic design platform which offers services such as logo design, infographic design, t shirt design If you want to take the design process in your hand, then they offer a series of free tool to create your own design. With 40,000+ designers on their platform, your infographic design can not get a better design and visual appeal.

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It has an innovative method to help user get the design they want. You can create an infographic competition on the website by entering details about infographic you want. The best part in this is that the price for the design is set by you, so it’s in your budget. Next there are hundreds of designers who would create design for your infographic. You can contact the designers and get iterations you want. Finally select the winner among the hundreds of entries you have received. Thus, a person does not remains confined to a single design and has several designer working for him at very less price.


Price: On-demand for single project and yearly membership programme.

Visually has a community of designers who can help you get the infographic right. If your team is not ready to take design process in their hand, you may use visually to get freelance designers.

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It also offers free tool which you can use to design your infographic after you sign up. You can then embed the infographic to your website, blog or anywhere you like.


Price: Free

Premium Option: Available at $15 per monthYou can either start making your infographic from scratch or select from one of their pre-designed template. Piktochart also has a good repository of images, charts, maps, etc. which are updated regularly by their design team.

You can add, delete or edit images, text, data of the pre-designed template you have selected or of the template you are making from scratch. One can also integrate their own data to the built-in spreadsheet layout or from other services like Survey monkey. When your infographic is finished, you can embed it to your site, present it as a slideshow on a browser, or download and print it as a PDF.


Price: Free

Premium Option: Available at $10 per monthWhat makes Visme stand apart is that you can add animation to your infographic, thus turning it to an interactive infographic. When one shares the URl, the visitors will see the animated infographic as they scroll down.

The steps are simple- once you sign in you get an option to select a template design. Add images, text and even create animation that you can add to your infographic. Customise your infographic in the way you like and share it with others once it is done.

So, you now have a number of options to get your infographic. Whether you want to take the design process in your hand or want to hire freelance designers for the same, their are websites and tools which can help you in the same. Have you used any of these tools?? Do comment below your experience.

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