7 Best Tools to Optimize Images

We are always told to optimize images for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But, nobody ever really gives any decent information about how to optimize images and things like that. This article does the same thing, as you are about to learn nothing about optimizing images, but there are a bunch of tools listed below that will help you optimize your images. These are the best tools to optimize images in a best possible way to achieve better ranking successfully.

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This is a web based image optimization tool which will allow you to lower the size of your image whilst keeping as much quality as it possibly can. Reducing the size means losing pixels and clarity. It is mostly unavoidable with today’s software, but this software tries to take a little bit of the pain out of the process and preserve as much as possible. It allows you to optimize five images at one time, and it has a Firefox plugin that is called Y-Slow. This is a plugin that allows you to optimize your image sizes and set them to the best size to suit your browser.

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Shrink O’Matic

This is an Adobe AIR tool and it will resize your images for you. It allows you to drag and drop your images within your desktop. Its aim is to create images that are “optimal” as per its parameters. It is quite a convenience tool if you do have a lot of images of different sizes and quality that you want to add to a website or social media page. It encourages you to use better output names and better output file types. It also has a selection of image sizes that it feels are better used online. If you are happy to go with its settings, then you will find it, one of the best tools for image optimization.

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This tool for image optimization employs a few different techniques in order to create images of the highest quality (as it sees them). It helps you choose the best format for your images, and you can set it to choose the format for you if you wish (it will probably be PNG or JPEG). It has different tools that take a little getting used to. It is not a flashy tool, but if you get the hang of it then it can be your first call every time you have a file that needs optimizing.

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This is a tool that uses Windows DOS in order to optimize PNG files. It can convert a few files to PNG, which is good because PNG is one of the smallest file types you can use online (which is good). Converting the files may not seem very impressive, but it is easy to turn a pretty BMP picture into a very ugly and grainy PNG file. This convert will convert your files without that usually seen lowering of quality and without any parts being blocky, grainy, fuzzy or see-through. It also will not add those white flake looking particles that sometimes appear.

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JPG & PNG Stripper

When you upload an image file or move it from one place to another online, it may have (or pick up) Meta data. This data is not damaging to your SEO in most cases, but it is not something that is doing you much good unless you have filled it in to be SEO friendly yourself. This tool will take your images and strip them of all of this Meta data and any other unneeded data. It cleans them up for you so that they do not contaminate your SEO, or so that you may start writing in more SEO friendly data onto them.

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This tool is a little bit of an image file type converter. It will take image files from one format/type and convert them into another format/type. It does also have sizing functions too. The best one is a tool that allows you to preview your picture at the size that the software thinks is the most optimal for a website. It allows you to see the image in its best light as it would look online (in the opinion of the software).

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Image Optimizer

This tool allows you to compress images so that you may put them on your website and cause less of a drag on downloading times. You can optimize your images irrespective of what file format you have uploaded them as. You can resize them too without losing too much, even though you should know that you will lose a little bit when you do change the size of your images. It allows you to edit your images on the website tool and you can convert the file formats when you save.

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