Best Translation Apps For iPhone

Language is no more a barrier in communicating with people if you have an iPhone with you. There are numerous apps available in the App Store which can be used for translation of the languages. Translation apps are expensive during this era and especially because you have to make in app purchases for getting dictionary and language packs. So when you are purchasing translation apps for iPhone you should make sure that it is worthy of the amount that you are spending on it. Here are some apps that are best among the various ones available on the app store.

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translation apps for iphone

1. iTranslate Voice

This is an incredible app that allows you to swipe from main screen and then you should select the input as well as output languages. Then you need to tap on the bubble for language in which you may want to speak in. This is all that you need to do and the app is responsible to take care of the other things. It is used as an effective tool in the translation of the languages. If two users are using this app, they can pair their gadgets through this and speak in their own language. The app takes care in translating the voice from one language to another. iTranslate voice can act as a best interface in translating from one language to another and enables users to communicate with each other without considering each other’s language.

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2. Languages

This is an app that you can rely on if you are not in need of a whole translator but a knowledge base and a dictionary. This app can be considered as a collection of dictionaries. Instead of buying different dictionaries, you can buy this app. Languages has almost 12 dictionaries included in it. This is not an app suitable for people who have no idea about a foreign language but for those who wanted to reference few words in case of some doubts.

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3. Google Translate

It is another app that has the capability of translating from one language to another. There is a possibility of listening to the translation too in this language. This is not an app that has many features to offer other than translation but it does its task effectively and without any charge. The google can be used for 64 different languages. The google translate is not yet updated for supporting iPhone 5 and also cannot be used without an internet connection.

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4. iTranslate

This is another app made by the same developer of iTranslate voice and is an app that is available to you for free. This app also includes the same dictionaries as well as features as that of the iTranslate voice. The only difference is that you need to type the thing to be translated than speaking. There are features for changing the voices as well as in adjusting the volume.

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5. WordLens

Wordlens is an app that can help you when you are travelling in a foreign country and you won’t be able to read something. You need to take a picture of this thing that you want to read and the translator helps in translating all that into the language you want.

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6. Pixter Scanner OCR

Pixter is an app that is mainly designed for the optical – character recognition but it also provides the feature for the conversion of the recognized text in to the language that you want. This is an app that can help you in translating larger text blocks from manual, magazine or book. There is possibility for storing the clips in this app so that it can be made used in the future for reference.

This post has been written by Anne Smith. She loves to write about Technology. She recommends Rocket Italian for learning Italian language with the help of online-based course.