5 Best Types of Power Banks

For the most part, many of us use USB wall chargers to charge our electronics and it makes sense as Wall chargers have many charging ports and they also have powerful charging speeds. With that said, the main flaw with wall chargers is that the devices that you charge with them are required to stay in a single place while they charge. That can be a large hassle because we have things to do and places to be.

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Fortunately, one of the fastest growing charging electronics on the market are power banks. Power banks are portable chargers that can go with us anywhere while they charge our devices. In addition to that, there are quite a lot of charging electronic companies that sell power banks; which means that there are lots of different types of them.

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With so many types of power banks on the market, it can be difficult to know what power banks are good for you and have certain properties that you would like. In this article, I’ll be going over the most popular types and useful power banks on the market.

Rugged Power Banks

Just like many charging electronics on the market, just any regular power bank is not able to withstand harsh circumstances. These circumstances include falling to the ground and water exposure, as most power banks would break if that were to happen to them. That is why there are power banks that are built to withstand those kinds of things and they’re called Rugged power banks.

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Rugged power banks have reinforcements that are able to withstand drops onto the hard ground and that makes them shockproof. In addition to that, these tough portable chargers are also waterproof. With that said, it’s important to know that a power bank is only waterproof when the charging ports covers are fully covering the USB ports on the power bank. Even then, different Rugged power banks have different Enclosure levels.

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Enclosure levels are the levels at which a power bank is waterproof. Since there are different ones, a charger may only be able to withstand jets of water, then there are power banks that are able to be immersed into water. Many people think that just because a power bank is labeled as “Waterproof” means that it can go for a swim. That is not true and many power banks are that are “Waterproof” can get damaged if they’re immersed because they’re not built for it.

Built-In Cables

A power bank is one of those charging electronics that needs a charging cable no matter what. For the most part, when it comes to stationary charging electronics like USB wall chargers, and Car chargers we have charging cables that stay with them. However, power banks usually use the charging cable that we take from those stationary charging electronics. There are times when people pick up their power banks and forget to bring their charging cables; when that happens, then you’re basically stuck with a useless piece of portable of power.

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Having a charging cable is key.

That is why power banks with built-in charging cables are the most reliable types of portable chargers because they always have cables that are ready to use. In addition to having just a single built-in cables, these power banks are able to have two built-in cables, a USB port that you can use with any charging cable, and even built-in ways to recharge the power bank itself. Built-in methods to recharge the power bank are ones that have AC adapters or USB cables.

Low Capacity Power Banks

Power banks that have low power capacities are ones that are the most used. The reason for that is because a smaller power capacity means that the power bank will be smaller. Overall, fewer batteries are used and they’re smaller. These Mini power banks are so small that they’re able to fit into your pocket or you can hold them while you’re charging your smartphone.

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However, it’s important to know that even though these power banks are very small, they lack lots of power. Since they have power capacities that are really only able to charge most smartphones a single time or maybe twice. They also only have a single charging port, so you can charge only a single device at a time.

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With all that said, these types of portable chargers are the ones that are being innovative. As they’re able to have higher power capacities yet still hold their small sizes, and some Mini power banks even feature USB-C to charge compatible devices very quickly.

High-Capacity Power Banks

Then that brings us to power banks that have high power capacities and these ones aren’t as popular as power banks with low power capacities; since they’re larger and heavier. For what they lack with their portability, these types of power banks have lots of power to use.

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The power capacity of these power banks is enough to charge most smartphones and tablets to their full power a few times over. They also have many charging ports that allow you to charge lots of devices at once. In addition to all of that, at this point, these portable chargers also use special charging techs like Quick Charge and USB-C; and when you use compatible devices with those charging technologies, you’re able to charge smartphones at very fast speeds.

These power banks even have DC Output ports and that allows you to recharge laptops too.

Cables that Have Power Banks

There are even power banks that have been installed onto charging cables and these are very tiny ones. They’re even smaller than Mini power banks because they have 450mAh of power capacity. Which basically means that they’re meant for emergencies only. Regardless, it’s still amazing that a power bank is able to be on charging cables, and you can just plug the charging cable into your device and charge your smartphone or other compatible devices as long as the power bank has a power capacity.

The best part is that charging cables that do have power banks can be used just as any other charging cable; by using them with USB wall chargers, and car chargers.

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