Best Web Development Tools to Create Websites in Latest Fashion

Soon after the globalization of the world, the Information Technology is the sector that has redefined its meaning in the real world. With the fast development of the World Wide Web (www) by Tim Berners Lee, the world has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the internet arena. In the modern IT space, the websites play an important role in the growth and development of any business. Gone are those days when you simply need to make a website and host it to the web and get renowned and able to establish a brand in the real world. The web development has shifted from traditional ways to much advanced and interactive tools and techniques.

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best web development tools

As the web technologies are advancing each passing day, a developer needs to sharpen his/her skills accordingly in order to compete with the modern world. It can be a daunting task in order to develop a well compiled and pleasing website if the developer doesn’t keep pace with the current trends and standards. There are many free as well as premium tools available on the web. They help you to speed up your efforts and work in a more efficient manner in order to have the best websites delivered fro the clients for best results. While developing your tools you need these tools to test your website , debug it for possible errors  and optimize in order to have the best results for the owner of the website. Here are given the Best Web Development Tools to create websites more effectively and run them efficiently according to the latest web design trends.

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It is a tool that provides a consistent and effective look and feel of the icons on the website. It allows users to choose the glyphs that you need for your website. It is freely available to the web developers.

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Foundation 3

Attractive and responsive designs of the websites have become a symbol of the popularity of the website. But some developers do not keep this thing in mind while making the website. This is an open source freely available tool dealing with appearances of the designs of web pages.

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Dreamweaver CS6

With the best CSS3 Transitions, Fluidic Layouts and enhanced PhoneGap support , it is Adobe’s giant in web designing. It is fun to explore the Dreamweaver. This tool is available for premium users only.

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As time passes by, the font of text in a web page has become increasingly important.Typography is becoming the important element of web designer’s job. Various suppliers like, Typekit, Google. It is freely available in the beta version.

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It is a time saver text-editor plugin. It delivers the CSS like shorthand to your manually listed pages. Before, it was called Zen Coding. It provides a tool to  cut through the most repetitive tasks. It is freely available.

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It is designed to search text in files and make replacements. Its unique feature is that it can make changes to multiple documents simultaneously. This allows to accomplish tasks with ease. It comes to $25 and freely available as shareware.

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CSS Grid Builder

It is an online GUI for developing the customizing YUI Grids. It allows you to rapidly generate the CSS based, Web compliant web pages. Then it allows you to copy the HTML for you.

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CSS Sprite Generator

It is an important tool to improve the web page performance by reducing the number of HTTP Requests for rendering images. It allows you to upload all the images in a zipped folder.

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Clean AJAX

It speeds up the AJAX development by reducing the amount of code you need to write. It can be used with any server side technology like PHP, RoR and .NET.

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Pingdom Tools

This web application tool helps by testing the performance of the webpages. Also it provides the load time of your specific web page and providing a visualization of how page objects are loaded. Then you can sort them out by load time, load  order, file size, url.


It lets you have the knowledge as whether a domain is taken or not. It takes a query from you and helps you explore the entire domain name space rather than only a few overcrowded domains.


This tool provides a neat and well organized way to provide feedback, deals with bugs in the website without the email overhead. It is available as free and also as a premium for a specified number of users.


Completely Automated Public Turing to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is used to describe the images that human beings can recognize thereby reducing spam and junk messages. Hence , these are the web development tools that will boost your confidence while developing any website and making you aware about the latest trends and technologies in the IT market.

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