How to Select the Best Web-to-Print Solution?

The print business is changing at a rapid pace. While it has been popular for quite a while, the innovations are getting more popular than what traditional printing has seen. And when change and innovation is driving the market, you can’t afford to be left behind. One of the most significant changes to the print industry has been the growth of the web-to-print business model. The growth of ecommerce and web-to-print software solutions have together propelled the web-to-print industry.

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If you are thinking of introducing web-to-print products in your online store or wish to align your brick and mortar printing business with the web, the first thing you will require is a web-to-print solution. In this blog, we will discuss how you can select the best Web-to-print solution that suits your requirement.

Define Your Purpose

Before moving ahead, you should be very clear on the purpose for which you need a solution. Define your objective on why and how you want to go for it. Do you want to adopt and B2C or a B2B business model? What products are you going to sell and how are you going to source and parcel them? All these questions should have very clear answers before you move to next steps.

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Do Market Research & Compare Various Solution Providers  

Once you have sorted out what products you are going to sell and how you will manage the process, you require to do a market research on what various web-to-print solutions are offering. Compare the solution providers based on their services and how well experienced they are in the industry. If you are new to it, you can hire a consultant who will help you with all the technology based things, and implementing business strategies.

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Look for Client Reviews and Demo of the Product

Make a list of top ten web-to-print solutions that might be the right fit for you. When you have shortlisted the list, look for the reviews previous users have for them. Evaluate them in terms of the experience they had working with the solution provider, what reputation they have earned in the printing market, and if their sales have increased after installing the software. When you are done with the research and decide on a solution provider to do your job, ask for a demo session to understand their solution better.

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Explore the Key Features & Functionalities

Explore the features of the web-to-print solution and see if it fits your business strategies. Your solution provider should have a customer centric approach, own development pipeline, a decent background and experience along with financial stability. The web-to-print solution should have advanced and assorted customization features, ample space to add pre-designed templates along with latest technological functionalities.

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Experiment with the User Interface

User Interface is one of the key elements that make any ecommerce portal attractive. Even if you are providing quality products at affordable rates, your business might suffer because of poor user interface. When you opt for your web-to-print solution, experiment with it yourself. Since your business is involved with personalization of products by customers themselves, you need to be more particular about how the company is providing ease of usage to the customer. The steps involved in the designing of the products and the checkout process should be easy and well explained.

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Inquire about Sales Customer Support

Look out for a solution provider that offers an effective after-sales support as well. Just selling the product with a how to do guide isn’t enough. They should be willing to participate in your website development in terms of the software of personalizing products. You will require continuous technological support from the company to make your website functional at the earliest.

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Check If It’s Cost Effective

If you are investing your funds anywhere, you need to be sure that what you are getting for your investment is worth it and that you are not paying more than you should. Don’t go for a web-to-solution that’s providing the cheapest software and service, but for the one that promises service worth your money. If someone is providing average services at an average cost and someone else is offering expert services at affordable costs, the latter one is always an intelligent option to opt for.


Personalization adds a zing to ecommerce business and that’s the reason for it being so popular on web as well. People love to buy their own creations. Hence having an effective web-to-print solution certainly helps you boost up your sales. You just need to make sure if the solution you are optimizing for is worth paying the money you are paying and suits your business requirements.

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering consisting of magento product designer extension and readymade Web-to-Print Magento Store. He is a tech enthusiast and an avid blogger and writes about Ecommerce, CRM and other web and mobile based technologies.

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