10 Best Websites for Freelancers

Many web designers and web developers work as freelancers, because this way they have the opportunity to pick every project they’ll work on. This is a unique chance to work on projects that you will actually enjoy and be able to complete in the right way, but keep in mind that freelancing has some negatives as well. The most important thing you should remember about being a freelancer is that you may not always have a guaranteed income – there are periods of time in which you won’t have any projects to work on and it might be difficult to get through them. The reason for this is that many freelancers only work with one or two websites.

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Best Websites for Freelancers

However, if you are active on more freelance platforms, you’ll be able to get your hands on the best freelancing jobs and the chances of being left unemployed will be significantly smaller. In this post we’ll make you familiar with the top ten freelance websites that designers and developers across the world use to find projects. Let’s start!


Elance is one of the oldest and best freelance job sites. It’ huge community regularly posts thousands of job offers, so any freelancer will be able to find at least several jobs that fit their expertise. Keep in mind that Elance isn’t as big as oDesk, but it is still a great alternative if you want to try a different freelance job board.


And since we are talking about the best freelance websites, we can’t skip oDesk. This amazing website has turned into the favorite place of hundreds of thousands of freelancers who are looking for well-paid. The best thing about oDesk is that there you can find all kinds of freelance jobs – designing, writing, programming, data entry, etc. The choices are numerous and all payments are guaranteed by the professional oDesk team.


Freelancer was the first major place where freelancers looked for jobs and years later it is still one of the best websites for freelancers. Millions of users, thousands of projects and a great rating system turned Freelancer into one of the best websites for freelance jobs. Building a reputation there is very difficult and time-consuming, but if you manage to earn a good reputation there, you can rest assured that you won’t be left unemployed any time soon.


Guru is a relatively young freelance website, but it is quickly gaining popularity thanks to the Escrow payment system. Thanks to it the money of both buyers and sellers is guaranteed, so many freelancers started using this website, because of the unique safety measures. The community is quite big, so there are a lot of job offerings and many freelancers to choose from. If you are looking for a place to start your freelancing career, then Guru is definitely one of the top freelance sites you can find.

Demand Studios

Demand Studios is a fairly new website and it is still gaining popularity. It isn’t exactly a freelance job website, because there aren’t so many projects. However, if you manage to get in their team, then you are definitely in for an amazing experience. The friendly team working at Demand Studios works on all kinds of interesting projects which cover many areas. They also work with major websites such as GlobalPost, eHow and LiveStrong, so you can rest assured that every piece of content you publish will reach a lot of people.


iFreelance is definitely not the place to find the best freelancing jobs, but if you try hard enough, you can definitely find some clients that are willing to pay you good money. This website is mostly preferred by photographers, data entry specialists and experienced writers who are capable of creating unique and engaging content. A great advantage of iFreelance is that neither buyers nor sellers need to pay commissions.

People per Hour

If you are looking to save money as a buyer, then People per Hour will definitely serve you well. This freelance job website offers a unique bidding system that allows you to make the most out of your budget. There you can find many affordable freelancers who are capable of performing miracles when it comes to account, legal, writing, photography and data entry jobs.


Thanks to Project4hire you can publish your job offers and show them to thousands of experienced and reputable freelancers who specialize in areas such as consulting, accounting, coding, writing, web development, etc. The commissions are very low, so buyers and sellers with a small budget will definitely appreciate the terms & conditions that Project4hire offers.

Digital Point Forums

Digital Point is a great community where you can find many freelancers who have years of experience in specific areas of expertise. This is the home of many professional content writers, web designers & developers, data entry specialists and application developers. Registration is completely free and there aren’t any fees applied. However, don’t forget that you’ll do business directly with the buyer/seller, so payments aren’t guaranteed by anyone.


Dice is a great job search engine which can help you find all kinds of technology-related freelance jobs. It is used by web designers and developers across the entire world, so you’ll definitely find a lot of professional freelancers and great projects to work on. Apart from this, Dice also boasts a great community that is active on the website’s discussion forums, so it is also a great place to get advice regarding career development and certification.