Build Interactive Apps Using These Simple Tips

Web application development means little more effort from the designers compared to websites. One need to take visual appeal, usefulness as well as the user need into account. Many developers design what is easy for them to design rather than looking at the user comfortability. Therefore, you should see the following points so that you can deliver a better experience for the users.

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Great Tooltip

You can’t afford to ruin the pleasant graphical design of your new app by putting lots of texts into it, right? This shall never work favorably whenever you present your app to your potential new user. Tooltips can be a of great help in this aspect. The use of icons instead of texts can facilitate the learning of new app greatly. People love to touch buttons. You can further add a button to toggle the tooltip on and off. This way they can suit it to their own choice rather than to stick to what the developer thinks of it.

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Users Have Short Memory Span

A web app should not ask the users to memorize a lot. It is their to make life easy for them, not to complicate it further. In ideal cases, they should present the information to guide the user to achieve whatever they wish to. For example, a customer reference number, if entered once by the customer, the app should remember it and put it wherever necessary than to ask the users to put it in again. Moreover, if there are lengthy forms to be filled up by the customer, it should ideally be in the same page so the customer doesn’t feel overloaded with pages after pages of information input.

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Multiple Ways to Get Things Done

Not everyone is same and this must be understood by the developers. Every user has a different way to accomplishing things and also also they perceive different ways according to their own preconceived notions. Thus, there should be alternative ways to reach the final goal so customers can take whatever way is easier for them. Offering different routes to reach the same destination makes the app way more dynamic and appealing to the diverse customer base.

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Don’t Go Modal Happy

Modal popups are equivalent to the PC era of popups and what they do is to distract the users completely from their task. They suggest as if they are the most important elements on the whole page. But when users are forced to look at a few certain things again and again, they will soon be frustrated and turn off the app. You should, thus, provide the users a way to deal with the modal popups, either by a cancel button or with a X sign somewhere. Another way is to close the modal popups when the users tap somewhere outside the border of the popups. Nobody wants to be guided like a infant and developers should allow them to do the things they want to do without these modal interruptions. Use the modal popups wisely.

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Notify the User of the Status

“please wait while your page loads..” is the usual message which the users receive while doing something with a mobile app. This hardly tells them anything. They are not sure how long they need to wait and in what status the background processes has reached. If the message is not large enough for the users to note, the problem multiplies as the users try to input new data and the app doesn’t respond as it is still busy with the previous task. The user starts to think that they are using a useless app.

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When you load the Google Maps, for example, there is a small yellow message at the top. This message simply tells the user that the maps can’t be dragged around till the message is there as it is still loading the surroundings. If the message is important for the proper functioning of the app, the message should be emphasized. For example, a message like “please wait as Google Maps is still loading” can be shown in a transparent modal window which disables the users from trying to drag the map. This way the users will know what is happening in the background and will be more patient while waiting.

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