Building Block Bling – Lego Inspired Jewellery

Lego is a simple and incredibly versatile building toy which was designed in the 1940s and has been a staple in the toy box of nearly every child since. These primary coloured plastic blocks fit together and can be used to build just about anything, from a house to a spaceship to a race car to a submarine. Playing with Lego is said to be very good for childhood development as it strengthens the problem solving and creative thinking centres of the brain, but children don’t really care because they are having so much fun.

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The Lego brand has developed quite an extensive subculture with several films, computer games, building competitions and even four Lego themed amusement parks throughout the world, including the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester.

These iconic toys have even inspired jewellery designers!

That’s right, now you can make a Lego-themed fashion statement with jewellery which is designed after this much loved children’s toy. Here are some examples of Lego inspired jewellery which has been created by many innovative designers around the web.

Forever Young Jewellery

Creative jewellery designer JacQueline Sanchez’s signature collection is a series of jewellery pieces that she calls “Forever Young”. These great pieces are inspired by sweet nostalgia for the simpler times of our childhood and feature Lego-style shapes in happy ice –cream inspired colours. The collection is sweet and charming while at the same time being modern and cool. There are heart shaped Lego pieces in necklaces and small square Lego bricks on hair clips. There are even pendants, earrings and bracelets. The jewellery line was the recipient of an Achievement Award from the American Craft Council.

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forever young lego jewelry

Rubygirl Jewellery

Another jewellery designer who has created something beautiful and Lego inspired for fans to wear is Rubygirl Jewellery. For example, the Lego block friendship necklace from this jewellery brand is super cute and has a very sweet message behind it. The two-necklace set consists of two cast-metal pendants of square Lego pieces which interlock together to form a heart shape. This would be the perfect gift for your best friend or your significant other.

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Rubygirl lego Jewellery

C+ Jewellery

This is another youthful and playful line of Lego-inspired jewellery and accessories. This creative company re-imagines the colourful bricks of our childhood in a number of different ways, including two finger rings featuring long Lego blocks and stud earrings made from the smaller blocks. The jewellery comes in a wide range of colours, from bright primary red, blue and yellow to more subtle black and white and even 18k gold and sterling silver plating.

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C+ lego Jewellery

Edition Mathea

This German design firm has also been inspired by the shapes and colours of Lego. They have created a beautiful “build your own” Lego ring. This ring, made from gold or silver, allows you to snap on one, two or three of your chosen Lego bricks into the joints. You can buy a kit of beautiful translucent Lego bricks to snap onto the ring, or you can use a traditional plastic Lego piece. The build your own style of jewellery allows you to create a different ring or necklace every day, collect new blocks to add to your collection and create a one of a kind piece of jewellery.

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Edition Mathea lego jewelry

These are just a few of the creative jewellery designers who have used Lego to inspire their beautiful and stylish designs.

These cool jewellery designs are a little bit artsy, a little bit retro and a lot of fun. Wearing one of these cute and clever jewellery pieces will show that you have not lost your youthful enthusiasm and your adventurous and creative side.

James McKenzie is a LEGO fans and blogs on family day out, parenting and fashion.