Top 8 Business Benefits of User Experience(UX) Design

User experience caters to the design of a service or product, fulfilling the needs of the user. Usually a research is conducted on the User Experience, to thoroughly understand the users and assess what is their needs. User experience includes interactions with services, products and devices.

There are several benefits to user experience (UX) design, and I’ll list some of them. Visual design is the actual face of your brand. It’s what people see, and that directly influences how customers and clients think of your company. However, you can’t have a visual design without a plan. This is where UX comes in. User Experience design has plenty of advantages, like reducing development costs or motivating your users to interact with content. UX designers spend hours redesigning and polishing an app to meet the needs of end users.

Increased Sales

Happy users share their happiness with their circle of friends and family. They also review your offering online. Providing a good experience helps build positive word of mouth, and increases sales. It also often results in increased customer loyalty and therefore repeat business.

Satisfied & Happy Users (most focused)

People fall in love with experiences, not with the technology behind it. We have consider this point as the top benefit of ruser experience(UX) Blackberry, Nokia, and many other companies are finding this out the hard way. For example, when a user visits a site they rarely think about the IA of the site or how you’ve cleverly used AJAX to infinitely display results. Increased customer satisfaction.

The better experience you create for your customers, the happier they will. And the opposite is also true: the worse experience you provide to your customers they will become more and more frustrated with what you are providing them… And they will be far less likely to recommend your offering to friends and families. And dissatisfied customers call to complain, which means when you provide a good experience you also have…

UX will Help to Discover Your Goal & Audience

A lot of research goes into UX design and during the process, you will get a lot of opinions. These will shape your site design goals.With your goals in mind, you should research your customer base by creating personas. Ask yourself who will most likely visit your site and once you figure this out, you will be on the path to providing a good user experience. The idea is to make sure you can make these personas happy.

Ability to Compete on A New Level

Technological playing fields are being leveled across the board, the same types of technology and platforms are available to everyone, how do you compete when technology is the same? You compete by bringing your users a new experience.

Save Money & Make Money

By doing the research and planning, you can create a website that works for both your customers and organization. If you know your customers, create engaging content, and provide a good service, everything should fall into place. When this happens, you will get a big return on all of the time and effort that went into building your site.

UX Touches the Product Itself, Not Just the Promotion of It

There is a fundamental difference between digital marketing and user experience, and it really boils down to this: marketing is about making people want things. The design is about making things that people want.

User Experience (UX) Uses Multiple Research Approaches

Digital marketing typically doesn’t generate much in the way of research. Marketing research tends to be focused more on quantifying a known market, for a fixed product. On the contrast, UX is an intensive research focused on discipline, that is naturally focused on discovering and understanding real human needs that can be solved for with a well-designed product.

User Experience An Important Part of SEO

When you perform in-site SEO, you improve the page accessibility for search engines crawlers but this also improves accessibility for users. Probably a SEO optimized page is more readable also for your Users, you should design the use of structure/semantic tags in the best way. The result is a more usable website. When you optimize the ranking in the SERP, you also let your users to find you easily. I know a lot of people who always reach web sites from Google and almost never use the address bar. Pages speed is important for SEO, speed is part of the UX. Also remember that speed is linked to web hosting quality you are using for your site. So make sure to go for the best web hosting services to avoid downtime and boost user experience. 

On top of increasing revenue, a good UX will simply increase user loyalty, and make your users trust your website. 88% of online customers are less likely to return to your website after they have a bad experience.  Today, studies of the impact of user experience on conversion rates are in great demand. Ease of use or reduced number of steps can help you increase your revenue. By focusing on the given benefits of user experience (UX) design, the organization tends to create a product that does what the business is supposed to do: provide a desirable experience to the target user.

Mr.Jignesh Brahmkhatri is a co-founder of trusted mobile app development company, iMOBDEV Technologies and  well-known blog writer for the UI/UX design and mobility solution. He shares his knowledge about upcoming mobile technologies periodically.